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After my successful blog on Benefits new mascara ‘they’re real’ i decided to do a review on my new buys from benefit. I totally went crazy on their cosmetics, and i guess you could say a haul. I got a really good price for all these, i got 16 items for just £43. I am so chuffed with my purchases so i thought i would share with you what i thought of each product!

groovy kind-a love!

beauty love-in makeup kit

£29.50   £19.66

photo 1 photo 2

This gift box truly is beautiful. The cartoon tin box really sets it off and keeps all the products neat and tidy. Inside we have:

• limited edition the POREfessional mini
• limited edition they’re real! mini
• limited edition benetint medium
• limited edition dandelion & gimme fever cheek powder duo with brush
• limited edition eyeshadow palette with double-ended sponge applicator

This is a complete kit and if we had a foundation or powder it would be the only thing you need to do your makeup! What i love about this kit is that is also has a little booklet of tips and tricks on how to apply each product effectively. Starting from the left we have the PORE FESSIONAL MINI This primer is great to keep a perfect coverage before applying foundation. It makes your skin so soft and the tint of tan helps it set on your face without looking too pale or too dark, when ive added the foundation the primer helps soak the foundation in, this gives a light feel so the foundation and powder doesn’t look heavy on the face… perfect!

Then we have the benetint, this little beauty helps give a little flush to my face, i use this before the dandelion and gimme fever cheek powder with brush for the perfect natural blush, some days i may use both or some i may just use the tint. Either still gives a little flush and glow to the face, i also use the tint on my lips!

Now to the eyes, with the eyes shadow and brush they give you instructions on what shadow to use first! You don’t have to abide by this,  i tend to use the shadow more when i’m going out than through the day! And lastly the ‘they’re real’ mascara, i haven’t use this yet as i’m still using the one i blog about. I don’t even have to compliment this product as it just does it on its own for me. If you wish to know more just check out my other post here.. (*)

sizzlin’ six

Amazing sexy kit worth £51.89*


photo 3

As you’ve probably realized (maybe) there’s 7 here instead of 6, well all of them are in the gift set except “that gal” as ive had this for a while but since i was doing a haul  i thought id include it! So i got all these for just £19 again, i couldn’t believe the price… ive saved so much if id bought these separate and i’m so glad i got this set once again they are all amazing. As ive already mentioned the pore fessional and benetint i may as well go straight to the two dandelion products. First we have the blush, its only small but its still gives great coverage as it would the normal size. With the brush from the other set i will use this so sprinkle on my cheeks!

The dandelion lip gloss is so soft and shiny, it gives a shiny nude color which i love! its not harsh on the color so it looks quite natural on. I love little lip glosses as its perfect to just fit in your clutch bag on a night out.

As pore fessional, girl meets pearl is another primer like “that gal” for me i find them both the same, i do prefer girl meets pearl as its more shiny and soft. I find the that gal primer is little more sticky.

And finally Bad gal mascara. I was amazed when i realized how big the brush was compared to they’re real. I love them both there both so good, if your wanting long lashes that are separate id pick they’re real but if your wanting long thick lashes id say bad gal. I tend to use this more when i’m going out. I may be the only girl that does this but i prefer to use a couple of mascaras than just one. with these two i use the both, bad gal for the thickness and they’re real to separate the lashes so there not clumped.

Its only been the last couple of months ive got interested in Benefit. I guess its since ive got my University loan  i can pay for their products than before and i’m so glad ive tried them. Hope these products work just as good on use as they did on me!




  1. 19 January 2014 / 10:38 am

    Oh no. Why did I read this? You have made me want to buy both of these kits now. Great post. Xx

    • 19 January 2014 / 3:42 pm

      Haha they really are so nice!! great on money too, thanks so much! xx

  2. 19 January 2014 / 4:24 pm

    I need to forcibly restrain myself every time I’m near the Benefit counter, their products are amazing! xx Rebecca – UK Style Blog

    • 19 January 2014 / 4:34 pm

      Haha i couldnt agree more! thanks for the comment lovely xx

  3. 20 January 2014 / 1:38 pm

    These kits look gorgeous! … I may have to go and raid the piggy bank now. Lovely post… although perhaps a bit too tempting 😛
    L xo

    • 20 January 2014 / 1:46 pm

      They really are! haha thankyou, i hope you get them xo

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