New Shopping bargains

Hello! I was thinking the other day, a lot of my posts lately have been about beauty, and with my last proper fashion post was just after Christmas i decided to go wild in the sops the last couple of days to see what bargains i could find. I don’t think i can go more than a week without buying something, i’m just addicted to clothes shopping. My 3 wardrobes are jam packed of clothes of anything from jumpers to shorts to crop tops. Its got so bad now that i have a full wardrobe for my going out stuff and the other two for my everyday clothes, and once it hits September time, i take out all my summer stuff bag it away and replace that empty wardrobe full of coats, cardies and jumpers. I know its that bad. Anyways enough about all my old clothes i want to share you with my NEW stuff.  

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)

These cute nude platform heels i just had to buy, they weren’t an immediate choice, i was after these exact heels but in blue and i couldn’t find them anywhere in New look so just as i was leaving the shoe section i spotted these. When i picked them up i was astonished to find they were in the sale! I knew then i had to get these, for just £16 these shoes were £11 cheaper than what i was going to pay for the blue ones. Even still, the color i thought would go more, with colorful floral dresses in the summer.

photo 1 photo 3

This Miss Selfridge jumper i had loved for months! I just didn’t want to pay £52 for a jumper, its so fluffy and soft with a beautiful embroidered lace as you can see above and when i noticed in the sale i just had to get it. For £25 i thought yeah i usually pay that for a jumper but what was even more impressive was that the sale items were all Buy one get one free! So, i persuaded my mother to get a cardigan for £20 so we ended up paying £12.50 each for our jumper and cardigan, how great is that? the color is beautiful in person as well.

photo 2 (2)

Apologize on the quality of the picture, no matter what angle i took a photo it just simply didn’t give the jumper that wow factor it deserves. This pastel lemon jumper is perfect for the oncoming spring and with the fluffy turtle neck crop style, is great to wear with high waisted shorts or jeans with cute boots or ballet pumps. Ive seen so many similar designs of this in River Island and Topshop but when i seen this in Primark for £10 i simply couldnt refuse. Its so nice on.

photo photo 1 (2)

How adorable is this top?! Soon as i spotted it in Topshop no matter the price i just had to buy it. The cat is literally like mine, it even has the same markings don’t you think?! Haha anyways the top was only £20 so i got it for £18 with student discount. Apart from the obvious i also like the bagginess of it and the dip dye blue coloring. Its perfect over jeans and converse. 

photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)

Another bargain from Primark! This dress is so nice on, i was unsure on the size as you can never be 100% with Primark so i opted for the 10 and its perfect not too baggy or too tight. And the price for £13 is amazing. The material is so nice too and your probably thinking i’m sure Topshop do a similar one, they do and i’m sure there about £35. The length is great, just above the knee so its great for both through the day and night and can dress down with tights and boots or dress up with gold jewelry and heels!

Thanks for looking please comment below and let me know what you think!


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