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Hello everyone! hope you all had a good weekend. I certainly have! I received my Elf makeup on thursday so i had the perfect opportunity last night to wear it for my friends 20th birthday. As you know by now, i love a good bargain and when i seen the Elf sale, i simply couldnt refuse! There was 70% off some items! I got 13 items for £20, i cant get over how much a good deal that is. So i had a couple of people on twitter ask me to do a review so here you go guys!




IMG_1510So first we have the lips! Starting from the left we have the Rose Lipstick at £1.50! This is a lovely colour on, its got a tinge of red and purple. Every girl has a preference in lipstick colours and for me i feel like nudes and purples work best for me, this colour is great for going out and i noticed it stayed on a while too. I hate it when it fades straightaway when youve had a sip of a drink! Then we move to the two liquid lip glosses, these were an amazing 75p each!! I know how good? The colours so nice on too. i love the mechanics of it, having to turn it at the bottom so some of the colour would come through. As i couldnt decide on a colour i ended up using both haha. You can see all three shades on my tanned hand, so the colours are too best against the faketan but least you get an idea!


Then we get onto the eyeshadows! And if you thought the lipsticks were a bargain… listen to this! Starting from the left again we have the primer eyeshadow in coco loco. This lipgloss look eyeshadow is a great colour! It is a little dark so you only need a tiny amount to get the look, i used my eyeliner first then used this in the corner! This was only £1.25. Then we have the small compact eyeshadow (Nouveau Neutrals) for an amazing 75p again. There was so many colours to choose form but i loved the blue and neutral colours in this. I havent used this yet actually but i can tell its going to be a little gem, its so small its great to fit in my clutch bag. Then we have the Matte eyeshadow in chestnut, and again i do prefer the dark browns for my eyes, it makes my eyes look bigger but i find this because i have hazel eyes. This was the dearest out of these 3 but still less than £2, £1.88 is still a bargain and you get a little brush too but help coat it on. 



Oh and how could i forget this! At just £3 i got this 32pc eyeshadow set, its smaller and so cute. The colours are amazing lots of shades of browns, golds and bronzes. I think this was originally £10 so good! You even get a bit double ended brush and mirror inside too! My friend also has this, her blog link is that the bottom if you want to check it out! 



Now we come to the face! I heard reviews on the foundation from Elf so i decided to give the mineral foundation a go, at a bargain price of £2.99 (this is the normal price!) i got the shade toffee so its great coverage for when i have tan on. It would probably still go when i don’t have tan on, foundation seems to blend in my face no matter the shade.. not too dark though haha. Then we have all over stick in shade spice (medium) yet again i decided to get the middles shade, didn’t want it too dark or too light. This was only £1.50 and its great for your cheeks forehead and under your eyes gives great coverage with no shine. I use this as a primer/base before i put powder or foundation on. It hides blemishes or spots.. its great! Leading on from spots i also got the zip zapper, for £1.50 too! i looked at the reviews for this and everyone was praising it so i thought id give it a go.. its been good so far can tell its working on your spots straight away and so far none have come back so prefect! And lastly we have the tinted moisturizer, yet again i use this as a primer, it looks dark there but its so light once you rub it into your face, it smells amazing too! This was only 75p too.

IMG_1511 IMG_1512


Finally this is the most exciting thing that came with my order! Well elf had a offer on that day when i ordered, if you spent £15 or more you got a free ‘colour refresh collection’ worth £15 or more free. So i had no clue what to expect, i though like a brush or a lipgloss, i actually didnt expect this at all. This must be atleast £20 worth of stuff here. I got a 100pc Eyeshadow with every colour imaginable, from black to yellow to blue to gold! Just look at all the colours below. Then i got two lipsticks, a SPF 15 moister stick in a red colour, it smells so nice like a minty taste! The chubby stick is a nude colour which i love. And the eyeshadow, a brown colour. What i love is the fact they’ve looked through my order and give me stuff they will know i like. Its so great! 

IMG_1516 IMG_1518





    • February 2, 2014 / 8:44 pm

      how good are the prices! Oh really 🙁 its been okay so far i can feel it sting when it goes on and the redness has gone down now x

    • February 2, 2014 / 9:57 pm

      you really should there so good, good quality good price and they dont test on animals either, cant compliment them enough 🙂 xx

    • February 4, 2014 / 8:19 pm

      Aw thanks so much!! i will check it out now x

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