30 Things 00’s Teen Girls will remember

I’ve seen so many posts lately of what teen girls did in the 00’s and what we remember ect. And some of them have had me in stitches, it is crazy what different hypes there was then to now so i decided to go all out and try do my own. Yes there will probably be some that’s been mentioned before but that’s only because so many of us did it or remember. So here goes;

1. You Literally cried when Gareth Gates didn’t win pop idol.

2. You were obsessed with Britney Spears dance game and played on it with the Dance Dance Revolution mat! Even though it was extremely hard and i could only ever do easy. Oh well.

3. We all thought these could actually have babies.

You have a friend who bred aliens by putting them back-to-back in the fridge.

4. You felt so cool if you could make Scoobies and make them into key rings for your bagpack.

5. Spending hours on character map to have the perfect name for your MSN messenger.

6.  Asking your friend to send you all the cool emotions for your MSN.

7. Spending a full day making your very own theme park on Rollercoaster Tycoon.

8. Going to Claire’s and buying a banana clip to match your friends.

9. You had at least one celebrity barbie doll; Christina Aguliera, Britney spears.

10. Going to Claire’s and buying their pencil case and stationary for £5! And thought you were amazing if you got a calculator in it and your friend didn’t. And everyone wanted to use the rubber!

11. Getting home from school and going on dollzmania for hours dressing up mermaids and celebrities.

12. Excited to watch the sleepover club on Nickelodeon with friends and picking who’s who.

13. You were heartbroken the day your school stop selling turkey twizzlers.

14. You had every one of these lip balms from Claire’s.

15. You felt grown up when your parents finally let you watch Big Brother.

16.  When you got bored you’d kill all your family on the Sims and start over.

17. You went into secondary school and everyone had a Jane Norman bag.

18.  A new year meant NEW gel pens.

A new school term meant a new set of scented gel pens.

19. Making a Piczo and adding hundreds of glitter graphics to your pages. With pages such as ‘about moi’ , ‘me, myself and i’ , ‘friendzzz’ , ‘Peepz ii luv’. How cringe worthy.

20. Your favorite shop was Tammy.

21. You were obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Had their clothes, perfumes and VHS’.

22. You had all the £5 So… perfume range.

23. Every week persuading your mam and dad to get you the Smash Hits magazines because you got free posters.

24. When your mam used to put rags in your hair for picture day the next day.

25. Buying these from the joke shop and walking round thinking you were cool as people stared in horror.

26. Making squiggle lines on Microsoft Paint and coloring them in in different colors.

27. Your wrist looked like this.

This is what your wrist looked like.

28. It was your aim to have one of these bags.

29. We all had one of these when we were younger. Riding around the block at 5mph. Cool.

30. One of the best teen shows we all watched and miss.

Drake & Josh

So that’s my 30 things all noughties teenagers should remember. Hope you enjoyed reading it brought back lots of funny memories thinking of these. Let me know if any relate to you, i’m sure some will haha.


16 thoughts on “30 Things 00’s Teen Girls will remember

  1. Haha a lot of these were in the 90s for me 😛 I’m old. Poor Gareth gates. I loved him. I had a picture of him in a secret box thing from boots glitter babes. How sad.


  2. The Jane Norman bags oh my!! I remember having one and it broke, I was devastated. I remember all these things! Xx


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