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I love letting my readers know what products i use and love, so yesterday i was nominated by Chloe to do a post based on my favorite drug store make-up products. Check out her article here, her blog is fab and we currently have a joint beauty giveaway on! I try to be diverse when it comes to brands so here goes with my favorites;


My Favorite brand of foundation would have to be Rimmel. But to pick a specific favorite it would have to be the Match Perfection with spf 18 in shade 400. This is definitely the foundation i buy over and over, i do use others but i always turn back to this one. I have a light and dark shade and i mix them both together with a blending sponge and it always hides the blemishes and spots and lasts me all day.


I’m pretty new to concealers,  ive only ever tried the one after i had a freak breakout and i knew foundation wouldn’t cover them so i went out and bought the Collection Lasting perfection in shade medium. It had a lip gloss type applicator so i can easily apply the concealer over my spots and it blends in with my foundation so good, i swear by it now!


My definite favorite powder will have to be the stay matte pressed powder in shade 3. Whether its with or without foundation it always works great on my face. I use it most after my foundation is applied to make my face smooth and non sticky so my face is like matte finish. Its really great!


I use so many bronzers this was really hard to chose but my all time favorite would have to be Collection Mosaic Bronze glow. I’ve used this products for years so it certainly should be my favorite. What i love about the bronzer is its multi-purpose, i also use it as eye shadow, because the gold and bronze colors are just so great.


 I have such a pretty pink colored blush in my Sleek contour kit in shade light. It has dashes of gold shimmer in which makes the color that extra bit more gorgeous. I’m forever using this!


 Yet again I simply just use my sleek highlight and contour kit for this! The highlighter does the perfect job. It’s so ideal and definitely highlights the right places e.g. cheek bones, nose, forehead.


I love my free 100pc eyeshadow set from E.L.F i’m always using it, its near enough my everyday routine, it has every shade imaginable and the colors are so nice on to highlight my eyes.


 I’ve used a lot of eyeliners over the years and recently for doing under my eyes ive found the technique of using a small brush and gliding on black Elf eye shadow on my lower lash line. This stay put for hours so my favorite eyeliner would have to be the felt tip liner from Collection. I use this on my upper eyes and its so easy to get along the lash line and create the flick at the end. I find it so much easier than liquid liner and it dries quick so it doesn’t smudge.


I usually use ‘Shocking’ by Yves Saint Laurent but to stick to the tag i am going to pick Maybellines Mega Plush Mascara.  The flexor brush and flexible stand helps gives volume to my lashes instantly. The brush isn’t too big which i love so i can get every lash even towards the corner of the eye and my lashes look thick and separated.


This is so hard as i have sooo many!! But the one i wear the most whether on a night or through the day is Rimmel Lasting finish Lipstick in starry eyed 128. It lasts for ages and if i only put a little on its like a red color but the more i put on my lips the dark purple color appears, its so great. Its one of only a few that i really love wearing as i’m very fussy on color lipsticks.

Well that’s them all, as you can see my favorite drugstore brand would definitely be Rimmel and then the occasional product brand would be Maybelline, Collection or L’Oreal.

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Thank you for reading, let me know if any of these are your favorite too. I’d love feedback.



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