A Day in York City



IMG_3764 York is one of them many few places ive visited that has everything. Whenever i’m lucky enough to visit York,  it is a must to visit all the cobbled infamous side streets. The city is filled with hidden passage ways to cute boutique shops, designers and even cocktail lounges. I visited yesterday for the first time in a while and most importantly since i turned 18 with my friends for two of their birthdays.

We had one thing on our agenda; drinking. York is perfect for an all day drinking experience. The first place we visited, and my favourite was The Evil Eye Lounge. This is down the same street as designer shops such as Jack Wills, Cath Kidston and even cute girly boutique shops such as Molly Browns.

IMG_3765 IMG_3770DSCN0004 - Copy IMG_3775

From the outside, it looks like a quirky off-licence. The shop seems small but you couldn’t be more wrong. It sells the most amazing cocktails and is even an Asian Restaurant! You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the menu, with almost 3 pages just of exciting and mouthwatering cocktails. Need proof? Click here.  Each ingredient is written down so this is perfect if your after something fruity or adventurous. After a couple of cocktails; Evil Sunrise and Cherry rose, we decided to go for a grab to eat at The Slug and Lettuce. This is another popular place to go in York, we had strawberry Mojitos while nibbling on the Chicken sharer; chicken wings,skewers and bites served with chips and a range of hot and spicy dips – perfect.

Another great places we visited for cocktails was Banyan and Bora Bora. Banyan is featured not far from Evil Eye, another hidden side street on the left, and Bora Bora is situated more towards the market of York. Both completely different from the other. As imaginable Bora Bora felt like you were on holiday! with exotic music playing we even had the chance to mix and shake our own cocktails. We failed and the bar tenders had to take over.

We had a little hit and miss with our luck in weather, we did get caught in a thunder storm which luckily blow over but throughout the day it was warm with the occasional shower so we just hid inside a bar while it rained. To round the day off we got the last train home at 8:30pm while eating a burger King – so classy.

It really is a pretty picturesque place and i’m lucky enough to be going back again in two weeks time for another all day cocktail session for even more friends birthdays.


whats your favourite place in York?



Let me know your thoughts!