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I felt like i lost my beauty mojo lately as i haven’t written a beauty post that featured what i had for a while. Soo as its nearly June ive decided to set up Summer related posts. And what better way to kick start Summer Beauty than bronzers?! I swear by these products. They can make any girls face flawless. Bronzers add shine, glitter and a natural tan complexion to the face and neck area. I do have lots of different bronzers that i use for different things such as contour, highlight.


Sunkissed Metallic Bronze Blush. I would honestly say Sunkissed is one of the first brands i tried when i was first experimenting with makeup years and years ago. They as a brand have grown so much! Your probably wondering who they are as there not that well-known as other drugstore brands. This Bronzers gives a great glow to the cheeks, its very shiny so you only need a little amount of the brush to get the effect. I picked this up a few months ago from the shop Bodycare for a couple of pounds.


N07 compact bronzer. I’m not sure if this actually is a bronzer as i got it in a No7 Christmas gift set last year but i certainly use it as one. This is a multipurpose bronzer for me. I use the light colours under my brows. And the two darker shades on my cheeks like a contour then the 3rd darkest shade as a highlighter. I cannot find this anymore so not sure on the pricing.


E.L.F healthy glow powder. I think this shade is discontinued as i cant find it on the site! This is such a shame as ive only just started to use it, as you can see it is pretty new with their logo still present in the powder. Like the Sunkissed one, it is really shiny so only a little is needed for the cheeks. I think this was in the sale so i paid about £0.99-£1.95.


Collection Shimmer Shades. This is my all time favourite. I use this product everyday without fail. As you can see it is pretty used (need a new one soon) but ive had this certain product for a couple of years now. And before this i used the Collection Mosaic Bronzer. I think they are both the same for me. No matter how much you put on your cheeks it never looks too shiny and i think it just works amazing with fake tan or natural tan. This retails usually between £2.99-£4.


Sleek Contour set in light. If you’re wanting to contour and highlight your face this is the obvious choice for most bloggers i think. I do use this to do that but i sometimes use the contour to add a little tan to my neck and face. All 3 works so well together and i really recommend this if you havent got it already. If you’re not wanting they blush, they also do it in a 2pc set. This retails at £9.99.

What are your favourite bronzers? Which one shall i get next?


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    • 27 May 2014 / 2:43 pm

      A lot of people havent! Ive had their stuff for years always been great for me. Their Fake Tan is really good too x

    • 27 May 2014 / 3:01 pm

      Aw thankyou, they are very rich deep colours!

  1. 27 May 2014 / 7:54 pm

    Some great brands here for me to try out. I’ve recently discovered the store bodycare and it’s fantastic! So many bargains. Xx

    • 27 May 2014 / 10:17 pm

      It is isnt it! I get a lot of nail polishes from there too some great bargains xx

      • 28 May 2014 / 6:21 am

        I got some amazing Little nail art kits from technic there for only 99p! Xx

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