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Halloween Tutorial | Skeleton

So this is my first ever Makeup Tutorial: Skeleton. I know i’m not the best at makeup but to get into the Halloween spirit I thought i’d try a few different idea/looks. So my first one is this scary Lady Gaga ‘born this way’ inspired Skeleton.halloween skeleton polished coutureFirst I pinned my hair back and added white cream to my face so my face was pale. You can use a white face paint or white powder for this. Once applied, I used a brush to set the cream so it wasn’t sticky. Use either an eyeliner or black crayon preferable a black eyeliner pencil and draw and uneven circle on both eyes. Going around the eyebrows and adding a straight line down both sides of the eyes where the nose is. Colour in both eyes with black face paint. I added a little black and grey eye-shadow afterwards to add a little texture.

halloween skeleton polished coutureFor the nose, the easiest way to get it symmetrical is outline a love heart on the edge of your nose with eyeliner. Then draw two lines either side going down the side of the nose and joining it up to the nostrils. Cover in with black face paint and it should look similar to mine.

halloween skeleton polished coutureNow for the teeth! Using a pencil eyeliner draw two lines either side of the face, preferably where your jawline finishes. They should stop near your eye and just before your lips start. Then I used a black crayon to draw uneven lines going across the lips then along both lines like teeth. Once this is done use the eyeliner again to draw shadows of some of the teeth to show the roots (optional). Once that’s done towards the end of the line where your jaw starts to finish, draw an uneven circle both sides,and draw a couple of teeth at the top and bottom like the picture above.

halloween skeleton polished coutureOnce you’ve caught up all that, the last bit is to add shadows such as around the cheeks, nose and forehead like above. I used the eyeliner and eye shadow to create a shdow effect. Dont forget to add darkness around your hair to make it look more realistic. Hopefully these instructions are easy to follow. Want to know where I got the products from? Heres some examples below.




polished couture

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