Halloween Tutorial | Creepy Doll

My Second Tutorial is a creepy pot doll inspired look. This is a simple look that can be changed in anyway depending how creative you are!

Halloween creepy doll polished couture

First I pinned my hair back and added white cream to my face so my face was pale. You can use a white face paint or white powder for this. Once applied, I used a brush to set the cream so it wasn’t sticky. Apply mascara or use eyelashes as you would do anyway. Then using your chosen palette, preferably a bright shade, smudge the eye-shadow up to your eyebrows like above. You could use other shades to add more texture. For a creepier look, apply some eyelashes below where your lower lashes are for a wider eye look. Eye contacts always work too – I wore red ones for an evil look. I then coloured my eyebrows in with black eyeliner to make them darker and more of an impact.
halloween creepy doll polished coutureTo finish off this look you could add freckles or pink blush to the cheeks. I went for more of the cracked doll type look by drawing broken lines on my face with a pencil eyeliner. To create the lip look I coated the white face paint on the lips and added a dark red lipstick to just the middle. To give the effect of small plumped doll lips. This is just one way this look can be created. How would you do your makeup?


Black Face Paint

White Face Paint

White Powder


Pencil Eyeliner

Dark Eyeshadows

Eye lashes


Brushes and sponges

polished couture


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