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OOTD halloween poison ivy polished couture

OOTD halloween poison ivy polished couture OOTD halloween poison ivy polished couture OOTD halloween poison ivy polished coutureHAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This year I decided to go all out and create a costume rather than just buying! After seeing how gorgeous Kim K looked in her Poison Ivy costume a couple of years ago I decided to give it a go! There were costumes to buy but for me, i didn’t think they really took the ‘Poison Ivy’ look very well.

So, how did i create this?

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Well, I bought a green fairy costume for around £15. Then I made some slits up the dress (the tutu) and I took the belt from the waist and stitched them on the top as straps.

I then bought 2 6ft Ivy leaves at around £2-3. I carefully peeled each leave off the stems and sown them on the straps so you couldn’t see that  stitched them on. I then followed this along the front of the dress. I even stitched a couple of leaves around the back. With what I had left over, leaving it as it is I stitched two stems of ivy on the front of the dress, one of the tutu and one from the chest to waist.

For special effect I used a green eyeliner from MUA and drew an ivy stem going up one leg (above photo).

I bought my red wig at around £4.

To make the mask I bought a green feathered masquerade mask for £4. I cut the bottom of the mask off and added a couple of ivy leaves here and there with nail glue. I also added an ivy stem in my wig that trickled down.

For the finish touches, I put my makeup on as normal then used the Elf 100pc palette to add different shades of green to my eyes. I also sprinkled a little bit of green glitter around my eyes. And my eyes are blue contacts that I paid £8 from a local shop.

polished couture



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