Clinique SuperBalanced Makeup

I’m so pleased to say this is my first Clinique product! I’ve always wanted to try their range and what better way to submerge myself than their foundation? I’ve heard so many great things about this Superbalanced product that I’ve tried and tested and it’s now in my daily routine!

clinique superbalanced makeup review polishedcouture

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup retails at £22.50 but I grabbed this gem for just £15.75 at a discount cosmetic store in York (UK). For this offer I couldn’t turn it down. The foundation comes in a cute frosted glass bottle with a silver screw on cap. There is no dispenser so it tends to get a little messy pouring out the foundation.

For me, the consistency is quite thin, it’s not runny but not thick or creamy either. It spreads perfectly on the skin with a brush or fingers. Its really easy to blend.

clinique superbalanced makeup review polishedcouture

For oily skin, it is a godsend. I got 2,3 Normal to Oily – 05 Vanilla.

The foundation has hydration and oil control for where needed. This leaves your skin non sticky and feels really light and glowing. I was worried that due to the thinness of the foundation it wouldn’t cover blemishes and breakouts very well but it does! It brightens up all those dull/dark areas. And my spots seemed a lot more controlled – I felt like I didn’t need to use concealer.

clinique superbalanced makeup review polishedcoutureI think it also minimizes the look of pores slightly –  giving a smoother, more flawless look to the skin. This foundation is fragrance-free and allergy tested so it works well for sensitive skin.

clinique superbalanced makeup review polishedcouture

I really can’t compliment this makeup enough. It is a beautiful foundation that blends in well, feels light and fresh on the skin; and gives you that healthy glow. I can see this working for all skin types and even for dry skin types as well.

clinique superbalanced makeup review polishedcoutureAs you can see, it’s really good match for my skin, although I do have a thin layer of self tan on. It works well with natural skin color also. I think for me, it will be more a ‘through the day’ foundation than on a night. This is due to how ‘awake’ it makes me look and gives me that little glow on a morning – that I definitely need to look alive.

polished couture

4 thoughts on “Clinique SuperBalanced Makeup

  1. Love your post. I’m personally obsessed with their ‘Even Better Makeup SPF 15’. Almost all the makeup I use is from Clinique! Moisturizer, foundation, mascara, and I completely adore their chubby sticks!!!


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