Christmas Jumpers

christmas jumpers

If you haven’t already, a Christmas jumper is a MUST throughout the festive season. Whether you wear it throughout December or just Christmas day, it’s a cute and funny excuse to dig out the most embarrassing jumper to wear! Or even better to buy one for a loved one.

I have rounded up 8 that I think are perfect for this season.

I always wear mine on Christmas eve – me and my friends have a tradition to go around pubs where we live in our jumpers, everyone joins in and we have a great laugh!

1. Christmas Tree Sweater , 2. Season’s Greeting’s Sweater, 3. Reindeer Jumper, 4. Penguin Jumper, 5. Penguin Jumper, 6. Santa’s Coming Jumper, 7. Reindeer Jumper, 8. Fairisle Unicorn Sweater.

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Let me know your thoughts!