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Lush Haul As you know I visited my local Lush store last week for a blogger event, well before and during the event I picked up some of their products and thought I’d do a separate post of what I think of each product. I absolutely LOVE their bath bombs so after hearing from some bloggers in the beauty chat last week I decided to try a couple of new ones!

Lush Haul First up I managed to grab two of the Valentines products before they sold out!

Unicorn Horn  £3.25 was launched last year. It’s a bubble bar that is just so cute to look at, the multi-coloured bar promises a magical bath. The Lavender oil is really prominent and smells so heavenly. The finishing touches are cute too with the colourful star candies.

Heart Throb £3.65  is a newbie this year. The heart-shaped macaroon contains gold glitter and a creamy gold skin softener with shea butter. It’s a really soft bubble bar that you could get four baths out of if you half each heart!

IMG_8255Ickle Baby Bot £1.95 I couldn’t resist trying these, for that price I thought I may as well get two. It contains lavender to relax before bedtime, this can be used for all ages; it is designed for suit young children’s delicate skin. How cute. It even contains aromatherapy oils to help treat sunburn, insect bites and skin irritation.

IMG_8256Dragon’s Egg £3.35 This smells amazing! It’s so citrus-y fresh. As it fizzes and crackles the layers appear and change the colour of your water to a gold. I accidentally broke it in half (I dropped it oops) and you could see all the different layers… It reminded me of a gobstopper!

IMG_8257The Comforter £4.75 is a supersized Bubble bar so you get at least four baths from it! It leaves your bath a gorgeous fruity blanket of foam. It’s such a lovely smell bar, its fruity but for me it smells very similar to the snow fairy shower gel!

IMG_8258Space Girl £2.35 is one of my favourites so far, it smells so much like parma violets but I love the contrast of purple and sparkly red in the water. It even crackles with popping candy and spins around like an orbit! The grapefruit oil works well for clarifying and toning the skin.

Lush Haul Grease Lightning £6.40 is a spot treatment to treat spots before they show themselves. I bought this when I had a breakout, my T-Zone was quite bad with pimples and I can honestly say this is the best treatment ie tried. I’ve tried so many brands and this I noticed cooled them down within a couple of hours, the redness had calmed down and by the next day they weren’t really visible. It’s great even if you don’t have any to prevent any of them surfacing!

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Are any of these products your Fave?



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