Valentine’s Week | 5 things to do for singles

Single Ladies! I am making this day about you, yes that’s right! Here is 5 things us singletons can do on Valentines Day.

Even though Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the love of couples, us single people always struggle on what to do on this day every year. Whether you want to forget the whole fiasco of Valentine’s Day or just want to celebrate being single, I have rounded up some great ideas for you single ladies!

Get your girls around! If any of your friends are single and don’t want to celebrate this day, how about a pamper night? Gather all your gal pals for a night in with movies, sweets and a takeaway.

drinking mean girls alcohol lindsay lohan cocktail

Drink the night away! I know it’s a Sunday and most of you will be working but how about a few cheeky cocktails with your fave gals? You never know you could meet a guy who is also out with his friends for a singles night.

channing tatum the vow movie rachel mccadams

Binge Watch all of your favourite Rom-Coms! You could even make a theme your favourite celeb crush? Your favourite genre.. My personal favourite: Nicholas Sparks films.

Paramount Movies film 90s mtv style clueless

Treat yourself! Since you aren’t spending any of your money on a guy, why not spend it on yourself? Pick up a new bag, some new makeup or even some chocolate. gifnews artists on tumblr fox christmas animation domination

Secret Admirer. If a lot of your friends are single, what about a secret admirer party? Like secret Santa, all buy each other cute gifts and cards and you all have to guess who got who surrounded by sweets, drinks and maybe a takeaway!

valentines weekSingle ladies I feel for you, I’m one of them. I hope some of these will give you inspiration to have a great day and if anyone in a relationship is reading this, I hope you have the perfect day with your loved one whatever you have planned.

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  1. Zara Hillon
    10 February 2016 / 1:38 pm

    Love all these, so funny but good ideas!

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