July Favourites

July Favourites

Possible the warmest July I’ve witnessed, its fair to say I struggled to pick my favourites this month with using so many new products.

July FavouritesJuly Favourites

Were more than half way through the year already… Just let that sink in!

With the warmest day so far being on my graduation, we’ve been treated this month to a lot of sun! July has seen me turn 21 and graduate. Its been such an amazing month and I’m just that little closer to enjoying even more sun in Ibiza in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve had so many relaxing days in the garden with homemade daiquiri’s and makeup wise, I’ve been cleansing my skin a lot more as well as giving my hair some TLC.

A while ago I mentioned my Charlotte Tilbury order and in that haul included their Legendary Lashes. After putting it to the test, I can honestly say its done wonders to my lashes. Teamed with my LVL lashes, one coat of this mascara gives the length and volume I need and I’ve even been asked if I’m wearing false lashes so that’s a good sign I suppose.

Another new addition to my Benefit collection is the High Brow Glow my friends give me for my birthday. This pencil highlights and illuminates your brow bone and compliments any eye look! It’s such a pretty shade and its even nice for the inner corners of your eyes for an added sparkle. This is the third piece I’ve tried from their new brow collection and so far Benefit are doing well in my opinion.

Talking about highlighting, my Urban Decay Illuminated (Link) has made another appearance in my makeup looks lately. This highlighter is on the shimmer side so in this gorgeous weather, a little sparkle of this on your cheeks and neck looks so pretty. Its like fairy dust and the shades a beautiful pearl iridescent.

For my skincare, I’ve mentioned on here that I’ve really tried to up my game by doing the whole routine properly and that so, my Magnitone Cleansing Brush (Link) has been a godsend this past month. I use this along with my cleanser to wipe away all traces of my makeup and then this soothes and exfoliates my skin to keep it glowing. If you haven’t tried a cleansing brush, you need to!

Neal & Wolf sent me their Lustre collection a while ago to try, I just have to mention their Harmony Intensive Care treatment*. That label doesn’t sound like hair care does it, but this conditioner indulges your hair to look shiny, healthy and manageable. With my hair being bleach, I need this kind of treatment on a daily basis and you can just tell when you’ve used this product on your head, it’s so creamy and my hairs never felt so soft. All this sun could have dried my hair out but not with this product.

July Favourites July Favourites

Another birthday present was this beautiful bottle of Olympea by Paco Robanne. Rose gold fans would love this perfume but the fragrance is so sweet and inviting. Its more floral than fruit but its the type of fragrance that will last you all day. You can really smell the jasmine and salty vanilla in this scent and it’s definitely a summer fragrance for me.

For lips, of course you all know how much I’m loving the kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Posie K (Link). It’s the perfect shade for night and day and I just love the durability of this. One application really does last you all day. Likewise, with my trusted Mac in Girl About Town, this is another vibrant fuchsia that lasts all night. These two shades have been my go-to choices to match my bright outfits.

You can’t have a favourites post without Lush can you?! I treated myself to some more shower gels and bath bombs recently but I’ve been loving the Twilight bath bomb. Quite popular with bloggers, this dreamy concoction slowly turns the water from a blue-y pink to a purple. The smell of this is one of my favourite, my room smells so sweet with this bath bomb lying around.

And finally when I was in Boots a few weeks ago, I was after picking up the seventeen contour kit but when I seen Bourjois offer of two products and a free pair of sunglasses, I decided to pick up their Delice de Poudre kit. This contour duo is a matte powder that was just what I needed in this heat. I wore this on my graduation for a more matte look so I wasn’t so shiny and oily. The bronze is just the right shade and the highlight looks so subtle and sets lovely. I’ll be picking it up again that’s for sure.
July FavouritesJuly Favourites July Favourites

A month filled with floral fragrance, bright pinks and shimmer. July has been such a lovely month and I’m excited to see what August brings. I’ll be flying to Ibiza soon and also started my new job – how exciting?!

Have you tried / love any of these?

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  1. 1 August 2016 / 11:23 am

    Belated birthday wishes, and congrats on graduating too! These are a fab bunch of favourites – Mac Girl About Town is such a pretty shade! x

    • 4 August 2016 / 10:13 am

      Aw thanks Sarah!! Yeah it really is, even better in person x

  2. Natalie
    2 August 2016 / 10:28 am

    Your photos are so pretty here! I love the sound of the cleansing brush, never tried one but they always sound so good and something I neeed… 😀 x

    • 4 August 2016 / 10:14 am

      Thanks Natalie! Yeah I couldn’t imagine not using one now! x

  3. 3 August 2016 / 8:50 am

    First of all congratulations on graduating!! And more importantly having your makeup actually stay on all day, it was a real struggle for me too! I adore the twilight bath bomb! One of my favourites, it has such a relaxing scent to it! I love the bourjois bronzer, but I don’t have it with half the highlighter and I think mine isn’t matte either…so would love to see what the difference is! Seriously jealous of your kylie lip kit, Posie K was the one on my list to get! xx


    • 4 August 2016 / 10:15 am

      Aw thank you Caroline!! I know I’m so glad it lasted. I know its so nice I could smell it alll day. Aw yeah definitely try that one then! Hopefully you get one soon 🙂 xx

  4. 3 August 2016 / 11:42 am

    Ohhh all of this is so pretty! The Charlotte Tilbury mascara really caught my eye though. sounds like it’s as good as it looks as well! Congrats on everything going on for you recently – busy busy!


    • 4 August 2016 / 10:16 am

      Aw thank you! Yeah it definitely is, well worth it! I know its been hectic but thank you 🙂

    • 4 August 2016 / 10:16 am

      Beautiful isn’t it, the packaging’s gorgeous and it really is a summer fragrance! xx

  5. 4 August 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Lots of amazing July favs 😀 I have to try Urban Decay Illuminated cuz I’ve never used this product but it looks great and interesting 😀

    • 4 August 2016 / 5:20 pm

      Yeah I’d definitely recommend it, its so pretty in person! 🙂

  6. 7 August 2016 / 6:19 pm

    Great Naked pics, Bethany!
    Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

  7. 7 August 2016 / 7:58 pm

    My magnitone has been a godsend too, helps my skin out so so much! Posie is a fave of mine too, it’s just such a nice shade. I haven’t tried the Olympia perfume before but I love the bottle design xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    • 10 August 2016 / 5:34 pm

      Aw I’m glad it does for you too! I know its gorgeous, I know love rose gold packaging xx

  8. 12 August 2016 / 11:14 am

    All the products sounds really lovely!I want to try out a brush for cleaning my face and i think that i will check the one that you mention because clarisonic is way expensive for me at the moment!Also i have the Bourjois bronzer too,but mine is just the bronzer without the highlighter!Unfortunately i don’t use it as much as i thought mainly because of the shade!Seems too fair for my skin tone,but it’s perfect for a lighter everyday look ^_^


    • 12 August 2016 / 1:24 pm

      Aw thank you! Yeah this is quite expensive too but its worth it. That’s a shame, I can see what you mean tho! x

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