My blog Polished Couture Turns 7!

polished couture blog turns 7

Can you believe my blog turns 7 today!

I hit publish on my very first blog post seven years ago today. It doesn’t seem that long ago but it really has flew by!

My little slice of the internet has given me many amazing opportunities over the years, far too many to count! So today I thought I’d catch up with my readers and reminisce on Polished Couture’s milestones.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog you’ll know that usually, I do a giveaway to celebrate. As crazy as this year’s been, I have decided to donate the prizes to a food bank instead. I have so many unopened toiletries and beauty items that I would otherwise raffle off, but thought it would be great to give back! I hope you all agree.

So grag a cuppa and lets head down memory lane…

Fashion Blog Opportunities

Holiday Lace with Boohoo blog post
Boohoo Summer Collab 2016

One of my very first blogging opportunities was working with an American jewellery company. I couldn’t believe that a business in the USA had seen my little blog based in the UK. I received some crochet earrings and after that, the PR opportunities started to flood in.

pretty little thing blog campaign
Pretty Little Thing Autumn Campaign 2019

So my favourite fashion collabs have to be working with Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo. Especially working with the two worldwide clothing brands twice! As I’m sure any blogger will agree, for them to find you and select you feels like such an honour.

grey frill lounge set
Femme Luxe Loungewear Pieces 2020

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Beauty Blogging

Urban Decay Top 5 Faves blog post

I created Polished Couture to blog about beauty originally. I would write about bargains that I have found online and instore and then review the latest releases. Over the years I have branched out into Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle but my main love of blogging is definitely beauty.

Benefit Cosmetics Top Favourite Products

This is where I have been so lucky in the brands I have worked with. I’ve had a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments when I’ve received PR emails from worldwide beauty brands. My favourite collaborations have to be working with Benefit Cosmetics, Lancome and Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Lipstick Vice Vault

That teenager inside me was in awe with the products I got sent. From a 100 Lipstick Vault from Urban Decay to the full Naked palettes to Benefit’s new concealer collection and much more!

It’s not just makeup, I’ve been fortunate to work with a great range of skincare and tanning brands.

My favourites have to be Pixi Beauty, La Roche Posay and Dermalogica. I’m currently a Skinfluencer for Dermalogica UK too!

Pixi Beauty Skin Treats blog

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Lifestyle Opportunities

Edinburgh Napier: Day 1
Edinburgh Napier University 2015

And finally, with my blog I have been able to travel and review some great places! From a University to accommodation and restaurants.

My first massive achievement from blogging was getting handpicked to review Edinburgh Napier University five years ago. We got to explore the campuses and experience student life in Edinburgh. It still is my favourite city in the UK so it was amazing to go visit for a blogging experience.

Turtle Bay comes to town!
Turtle Bay Middlesbrough Opening 2017

Since then I have gone on to review restaurants such as Turtle Bay, Revolucion De Cuba, TGI Fridays and many more. I love to travel so you may have already seen my travel guides on places I’ve visited such as Budapest and Krakow.

budapest parliament
Budapest 2018

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So there you have it! It’s been great to look back through my blog archives and remember the amazing experiences and collaborations. As you can imagine I could go on and on as there have been so many amazing experiences.

Polished Couture wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my University degree!

I've Graduated!
Graduation and on the front cover of The Gazette 2016

What started as an assignment ended up me working with dozens of global brands and PR’s.. I hope this post gives you inspiration in starting a blog, because who knows where you’ll end up! If you’re interested in blogging check out how it helped kick-start my career here.

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