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Christmas is fastly approaching so here’s one gem I no longer can’t live without…

It’s been way too long since I did a Christmas post on here. As my long-term readers know I was obsessed with writing dozens of gift guides. This year is a little different. Life has just taken over, I’ll be honest. I don’t blog like I used to but I want to change that. Expect much more in 2023! But today I’m sharing a new item I was kindly gifted a few months ago. And how it’s now a day-to-day staple… I think it’ll make a great gift for a loved one!

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hail your hair

Hail Your Hair Original Styler

If I rewind back to early summer Hail Your Hair gifted me their ‘original styler’ hair straightener to take on holiday to Croatia with me. I left my trusty GHDs at home and I was impressed. I’ve always found it quite difficult to style my hair on holiday. The heat is a big thing for me anyway so then the addition of heat to the hair is difficult. My hair just goes frizzy or the curls drop out instantly.

So I was keen to see how these would help. I straightened my hair quite a lot on holiday and as you’ll see on my Instagram – it worked a treat. Plus I used my trusted IdHAIR UK anti-frizz shine spray too and it was the first time on a holiday that my hair felt nice. I actually liked how my hair looked on holiday if that makes sense?

Now I’m back home and months later I can safely say they have been a game-changer! There’s literally nothing not to like. They’re affordable for only £89.99.

christmas hair ideas

A great Christmas gift idea!

I’ve really been making an effort with my hair the last few months as I want it in tip-top condition for my wedding in 2023. So adapting these into my daily routine has been great. Once styled my hair feels soft and looks great the next day! This is due to their specially designed intel-sense plates and ion-lock technology.

The Hail Your Hair hair straightener has plenty of temperature settings and 30 sec heat-up time.

As I’ve now adopted this into my haircare routine. I’ve now got my eyes on their hair dryer too. It looks super lightweight and it’s meant to be much quieter than others. They claim that this dries hair by wind speed not heat. Therefore protecting your hair’s protein. So if you know someone who is looking for a new hair straightener this Christmas. Make sure to check them out here.

Thanks for reading!

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Post contains gifted item – opinion is 100% my own.

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  1. I love the sound of these straightener’s! They’re at a good price also, I’ll have to have a look for them in the Black Friday sales! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Your hair looks lovely! And they’re really affordable for staighteners aren’t they! I’ve had my GHD’s for a LONG time now, must be around 10 years, I feel like I’m just waiting for the day they finally pack in ha. These are a great alternative! X

  3. looks like a great flat iron. I’m dying to change the one I use, I’ll see if I can find this brand around here. x

  4. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the year and come back stronger and more. This is interesting review and it make the hair look pretty.

  5. Your hair is always sooo gorgeous and if this is the tool you use I need to buy it NOW!

  6. They’re a really good price! Glad to hear you love them, maybe when my trusty ghds broke I will give them a go as I’ve never heard of this brand before! xx

  7. I do love a trusty pair of hair straighteners, couldn’t be without them!

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