As we are beginning into the new year, we can start to indulge in all the new fashion trends and seasons to come and for some of us it is the time to start deciding…

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Top 5 Boxing Day Bargains

My first post since Christmas! First can i just say i hope you all had a great day and got everything you wished for! I bet you all got spoilt. I had a very relaxing…

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Have a merry christmas!

Hello everyone! A small post today to wish everyone a lovely Christmas. I wont be blogging now till after Christmas. I hope you all get everything you hoped for and have a great day. And…

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Today, I went to see FROZEN with my mother! What an uplifting naturally funny beautifully magic film. (that was a mouthful) on a serious note I really did enjoy it. Frozen starts off as two young sisters…

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So last night i posted on Twitter my new nails id painted. I decided to post a tutorial on here so you guys can get the look too! There so easy and cute but do take…

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Christmas Party Dresses £60 and under.

As we head into December, it is time to decide what to wear for the Christmas season. We need something for Christmas day, boxing day and new year. So girls have a hard decision to…

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