Top 5 Boxing Day Bargains

My first post since Christmas! First can i just say i hope you all had a great day and got everything you wished for! I bet you all got spoilt. I had a very relaxing Christmas this year, opened my present and didn’t move all day so cosy and i was just so excited to hit all the sales on boxing day. The TV was just full of adverts for the sales especially Next and i decided to get up extremely early. No, i didn’t go to Next sale (the queues? no thanks.) But this year Outfit which includes Topshop and Miss Selfridge opened at 7 this year so I thought why not? River Island opened at 8 so  I thought id spend about an hour in each.

So, prepped and dressed, I left the house for about quarter to 7 and by no surprise the car park was heaving! We did find a space quite quickly but straight away i saw the queue for Next. I’ve done boxing day sales for about 3 years now and i have not ever seen it that bad! There must have been over 1000 people waiting in the queue… Outfit is quite close to Next so at first i thought the queue outside was also for Outfit, luckily we walked straight in.



There was about 20 people in! My first bargain is definitely my favourite. I walked straight over to it! I’ve always loved it, the colour, the style and how beautifully soft it is! The only thing was put me off was the price, I just didn’t want to pay that much as i knew i would only regret it when it went in the sale.. so i hung on and im so glad i did! £45 i saved on this its such a bargain. I wore it today and its so light, it’s not heavy or bulky and even walking around inside i didn’t get too warm like some fur coats you do. It really is a lovely coat, Topshop sale is still on so hurry and grab it now! All the links are at the bottom.


To my second item, a glittery, sparkly midi dress. This is also beautiful on! Perfect for NYE and for just £20 it certainly was a bargain I couldn’t refuse. I’m normally an 8 but i decided to get a 10 in this so it wasn’t as tight. If you’re wanting this to i would recommend get the size up to what you normally are, as i found although its stretchy it clings around the stomach so with the bagginess it flowed nice. I hate it was dresses are tight and cling to all your lumpy bits and curves. The length as well is perfect, I’m quite small so it goes over the knee for me but to anyone tall it would still look like a midi dress. Unfortunately the dress isn’t online anymore but it could still be in the shops!


I’m in love with this jumper! It’s so soft and heavy, I love over sized jumpers and the colour is perfect for the spring. This looks like a vintagey grandpa jumper, its perfect with jeans and boots. I have such an obsession with jumpers, half of my wardrobe is full of them and Topshop are definitely one of the best places for them. I usually only buy them when there in the sale unless there in the £30- mark i tend to not pay anymore than that. And again this jumper is not online but when i went shopping today, they had it in, that’s two different Tophops so hopefully you may be able to get one!


Boots sale! Wow I love all the gift sets. They had everything half price, from perfume to soap and glory to makeup. I bought lots of gift sets but i found this one of the best bargains. 6 lip-glosses for £3?! Seventeen are a really good makeup brand, there the daughter of no7 and ive always been a fan of their lipsticks and bronzing powders but when i come across this i thought, why not? 50p for each lipgloss is a bargain. I love the size of them too because there small I’ll use them for when im out, they can easily fit in any clutch bag so its easy to top up on the gloss. The colours come in from pale to dark. The darker the better for me so ill be certainly using the dark red first.


Finally another jumper! The clash of blue and green really do go well for this jumper. Me and my mother seen it straight away as we were walking downstairs it’s so vibrant. I cant wait to wear this with casual jeans and converse. I didn’t see this jumper in the other River Island today and it’s not online either so I think it was just left over stock from that shop… They only had 3 left. 

The sales this year were really worth getting up early for! Its been all over the news the last two days of the queues so I hope everyone found bargains just like i have and once again… MERRY CHRISTMAS 


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    • 27 December 2013 / 8:17 pm

      Aw thankyou there so nice on! I hope you did too, ive followed you and drop by now thanks x

  1. 27 January 2014 / 9:53 pm

    Wish I was this lucky in the sales or even in Primark on a Saturday! Such nice choices.

    Lauren x (

    • 27 January 2014 / 10:12 pm

      Aw thankyou! everyone says im a bargain hunter! thanks for the comment x

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