How blogging kick started my career

Products and samples

As a PR friendly blogger, I am happy to accept products and samples to trial and review or feature on my blog as long as I feel it will relate to my readers and content. This is anything from beauty, fashion, lifestyle and anything in between.

Please note that these will be 100% my honest opinion and not influenced by any company or brand. Anything that is a trial or review will be featured on this page and the post itself will clearly mention it is a PR sample.


If you’d like a giveaway to be hosted on Polished Couture on behalf of your brand, company or business, I am happy to accept if I feel the giveaway is relevant and interesting to my readers. Please note that all giveaways will be held using the software Rafflecopter to enable easy tracking of entries.


Anything that has been sent to me by a PR/company to review or to mention on a blog post will be featured on here. The posts will state as well if they are a PR sample or sponsored post. All my opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.
If you feel like any of my content whether images or wording could be useful to you, please credit and clearly label that it is from Polished Couture. I only feature a company or product if they are true to my content. My reviews are 100% honest. If you would like any more information you can contact me on the ‘contact’ page.






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