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As we head into February already, Girls aged 15 and 16 begin to find the perfect prom dress for their special day. We have so many styles, colours and choices to pick from and it can feel endless trying to find one that fits you. The 2014 prom season is approaching and it’s time to pick whether we want short or long prom dresses. Unfortunately, my prom was almost three years ago now. I’d love to redo it again, id change everything especially the dress. I bought mine from a boutique shop but I wish I’d of ordered one online.

 This dress above by Victoria’s Dress, is absolutely stunning. The colour is so vibrant and bright. I would have loved to wear a dress like this instead. As you can see the jewelled sweetheart neckline is so pretty with different shades of blue and gold embellishment. Beading prom dresses are so elegant I think, whether the dress is covered in embellishment or just a little, it really makes a prom dress and in the sunlight it’s just glistens and looks great in photos. This short prom dress is the perfect length for a summer prom! And for less than £100 it’s hard to say no to it. It’s not even my prom and I want to buy it! It took me a while to pick a favorite one, but if you only look through my blog you will find that I’m obsessed with blue clothing! So this shade of blue is just beautiful.

 So, if you thought that dress was pretty this one is definitely a close second! I love the detail on the neck, the sweetheart neckline then with high neck embellishment that carries onto the back. I love the open back too, its so elegant and for a prom dress, i think this dress is perfect for any special occasion such as a wedding or party! And again, the shade of blue is lovely, a baby ice blue! 


On the skirt of the dress it features small embellishment on the front and back of the dress which is really nice. The top of the dress where the sweet heart neckline is, the beading is shaped so it looks like little flowers. The stitching going down also helps give the effect of little stems. The dress again is less than £100. 


Throughout the website they sell a large range of cheap prom dresses starting from just £53. If that’s not enough, each dress is custom made so you get the perfect fit and exact colour you’d like! Right now they have up to 65% off Prom dresses and free shipping if you spend £200 or more.  These are on NEW arrivals too. And if you’re stuck on anything, on a size, colour or just a dress, they have an online chat service where they can help you straightaway.

Check out their website now!





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  1. aladyinlondon
    9 February 2014 / 8:10 pm

    Nice! Love the dress!

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