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arbonne beauty arbonne beauty arbonne beauty

I love trying different brands of beauty and skin care, whether there high-end or drugstore price. My friend has recently teamed up with Arbonne and kindly enough give me some of their range to use and review my experience. Arbonne have been running for about 35 years now, specialising in Pure, Safe and Beneficial products. I can see just from the packaging that the company provide the highest quality health and wellness products.

What’s great is that each product is 100% vegan, they use botanical ingredients such as fruit, veg and plant extracts, even the handles on the brushes are vegan. It’s hard to find a company that is 100% vegan these days.

I think what also makes the products more appealing and luxurious is that they are not available in stores, only online or with a team of consultants (like my friend). So I used some of these products for a week trial, using them in my daily skin care routine, so lets see how I got on! arbonne beauty arbonne beauty

The first product I used was the Sheer Glow Highlighter. Now I absolutely love highlighters if you read my blog, so I was excited to try this! The formula is very similar to Benefits ‘that gal’ lightening primer. It smoothed in really well and I used it before and after foundation so it set in. It’s quite a shiny/sparkly highlighter which I prefer! arbonne beauty arbonne beauty

I also received 3 skin care products to use from day to night. The FC5 Exfoliating New Cell scrub, Nurturing Day Lotion and Hydrating Cleanser and Freshener. Out of the three products I used the scrub and cleanser the most. Each morning I used the exfoliator then the cleanser before applying any makeup.

These featured a gorgeous citrus scent, the made my skin feel so nourished while and after applied. I absolutely loved the scrub which is in the above photo. It felt like tiny little crystals took every bit of dry skin on my face. I’ve tried a lot of exfoliators but I think this is definitely one of the best ive tried. The cleanser was really good too, once applied I could feel it tingle and soak in my face straight away. arbonne beauty

I only used this product once, like the other skin care they all had the same citrus scent. It’s very similar to the day lotion. This acts an all night moisturizer to keep your skin feeling nourished and maintain young beautiful skin! arbonne beauty arbonne beauty

Another great product is the bronze powder. This is a matte powder which sets so well to the face! I ended up using this bronzer as part of my contour makeup set. It’s a gorgeous golden brown on the face and I think it’s a shade that will compliment a lot of skin tones! IMG_7772

This is an amazing mascara! Even after the first coat, my lashes looked so long and separated! ‘Its a long story’ is a very fitting name it made my lashes so long and dramatic. The brush is really easy to use and allows you get right in the corners and build up on each lash. I would 100% recommend this product the quality is really great for the fake lashes look. IMG_7773

This clear primer smoothed on my skin very easily! You only need a little drop to spread across your face; it’s definitely a product you would have for a such a long time. Before this product I did prefer primers that had a skin tone color but with this it wasnt the case, the clear smooth formula based the foundation on so well.  IMG_7776 IMG_7777

Golden Beige, Deep Beige and Neutral Beige

And finally their Perfecting Liquid Foundation. I would say I am such an awkward shade but my friend give me three different shades to try in Golden Beige, Neutral Beige and Deep Beige. I ended up using the neutral beige, with or without fake tan it set really well to my skin tone. Again, I noticed you didn’t need a lot to set the face. At first it was dewy and sticky but once it soaked in, I noticed it set like a powder I thought, it seemed different to other foundations ive tried but that worked better for me when I was adding blusher and bronzer.


I used these products for a week and it has really changed my outlook on Arbonne, I had heard and seen reviews on this before and it wasnt a brand that interested me till now. I think out of all these products the mascara and exfoliator really stood out for me! If you would like to try any of these products like I have, you can become a consultant like my friend Hena, she receives commission, bonuses and incentive trips to well-known places like Vegas and the Caribbean.

Contact for more info or to order products!

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  1. 27 January 2015 / 4:59 pm

    Hi, I never heard of this brand before, but I think their positioning and offer as an organic company is nowadays paying back for sure. Who knows if they’ll ever start operations in Europe. Hope so!

    • 27 January 2015 / 5:02 pm

      It’s great that their organic, not many brands are these days. They are worldwide now I believe, i’m from the UK and you can buy online or seek a consultant like my friend 🙂

  2. Kay Page
    28 January 2015 / 3:09 pm

    I’ve never tried this brand before but am really tempted now!

    Grat post,

    Kay, xx

    • 28 January 2015 / 3:12 pm

      Their really good products!! Thanks for commenting 🙂 xx

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