Day to Night: Leeds

1924773_724464634252338_123417438_n 1926719_724464640919004_1444807211_n 1970401_724464644252337_1360230880_n When it comes to shopping, its always better going somewhere different. I love the excitement of new places and the structure of the shops. From towns to cities the high street shops can vary so much! And Thursday i had the perfect opportunity to venture to leeds for a night to see One Republic at the O2 academy. So to pass time why not do a spot of shopping? Ive shopped in a mixture of cities such as york, Manchester and Edinburgh but Leeds is by far my favorite. I love how one part of the street its all high end in shops with gold lining and blacked out windows with signs such as Harvey Nichols and Chanel.

Then further down is shops we see everyday such as Greggs, Thortons and my favourite shops Tophop and River Island. I come from a large town, Middlesbrough and the shops well aren’t too special. So i take any opportunity to go somewhere bigger with both hands. I’ve never been to Leeds before so i didn’t know what to expect at all.

Me and my friend spent the day shopping and had a little tea break in a coffee shop called coffee. Original eh? And by a little tea break i mean a large mango smoothie, with our bags sitting beside us.

We only had a few hours shopping, we almost had an in mind schedule of when to go to the hotel and get ready.. slowly as the day went on we did cut back on getting ready to shop, it was too addictive. Some shops we went in that we had never before was Victoria Secret. I never bought anything but i actually adore the look of the shop, all their perfumes smelt amazing.

The only downside of the day? I wish i had brought more money.

We headed back to the hotel, quickly got changed and pretty and went on the search for a cocktail bar, as we left we were greeted by the rain and spotted a bar opposite the hotel. 2 4 1 cocktails, how convenient right? So with the rain wetting our hair we quickly ran inside for shelter. Like a shoe box the bar was only small but compact, featuring little bar stools for seats and colored metal chairs. the menu contained 4 pages of cocktails, even with the ingredients. I always like to know what goes in the cocktails to see if i can try make it at home if its nice but to be on the safe side we both settled for two frozen strawberry daiquiris.

1972459_10203489188889593_114827127_nAfter a relaxed bar meal and cocktail we headed to the event using my maps on my phone! We were clueless, but after a brisk ten minute walk we found the queue. We did expect this with only half an hour spare before the doors opened so we traveled right to the back of the building. Within five minutes one of the bouncers shouted ‘balcony tickets to this queue’ my eyes widened, we had balcony tickets so we jumped right to the front of a different queue. I think i was about the 20th person in, how lucky?

We sat down on the balcony in the first row, and we got two more cocktails this time the ‘avid fan’ otherwise known as sex on the beach, in a pnit size plastic cup for £5 it was good value considering we were at an event. So to prevent myself from needing the toilet half way through i made the drink last!

One Republic was supported by Mikky Ekko, don’t worry i didn’t really know who he was either, hes the guy who sang with Rihanna in ‘Stay’ but wow he was outstanding live. I loved every song he sang, since i came home i downloaded his album. Since then ive recognized his songs on the radio mainly radio 1 and even in my favorite TV show The Vampire Diaries.


It was actually impossible to put into words how good One Republic was, ive seen some acts over the years and i didn’t think it was possible for someone to sing even better in person. He was jumping all over and dancing and his singing was pitch perfect. He really did engage with the audience laughing, and joking. What was even more great was in particular his song ‘come home’ the background screen featured key sights of Leeds, i couldn’t think of anything more thoughtful, the thought behind it was incredible.

I was pretty gutted that they didn’t have any merchandise for sale, i would of loved a band t- shirt. I always try if i can to get a souvenir wherever i go to look back on, keepsakes. I apologize to anyone who has me on instagram, the videos and picture – i’m sorry i went a little wild.

The band ended the night with their most recognizable hit ‘if i lose myself’ remixed by Alesso. The whole room lit up with everyone standing and joining in with the tapping and clapping. Then smoke and confetti spread across the room. Amazing.

The nightlife is great too! The nightclubs and pubs are close together to its very easy to pub crawl and to say it was a Thursday night it felt like a Saturday night for us, and for a university city there’s students everywhere so the events every night are great!


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed reading my first official lifestyle post its been hard thinking what to write. If your wondering what i bought a beauty post will be up soon and maybe a OOTD ft. some of the bargains i bought.




Let me know your thoughts!

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