The Body Shop ‘Seize the Summer’ Event

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventI’ve used The Body Shop products since I was a little en’. I grew up with the luscious smells of satsuma and strawberries in my house, so it’s fair to say I was so happy when my local Middlesbrough store were doing a blogger event! The ‘seize The Summer’ event was an exclusive party for us North East bloggers and customers to indulge in their summer collection. And trust me, it’s worth swooning over.

When I walked in, the lovely staff greeted me with a fresh cup of mojito and the shop had such a summer-y feel to it! They give us bloggers an Hawaiian necklace – I thought that was a great touch.

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventJust look how they treated us all! Snacks and cute holiday props! They even had two iced buckets filled with ice lollies. It felt like a holiday inside the shop, it’s just a shame the weather outside didn’t reflect our moods. But we partied on regardless.

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventIf that wasn’t enough they even gave us all a strawberry slush! It tasted soo good. So after having a little look around and catching up with my blogging pals. I spoke to the lovely women in the shop on the low down on the new products, as well as the best sellers.

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventYou guys know I love a good tan product, Lynne showed me their latest ‘Honey Bronze‘ collection; featuring mists, gels, highlighters and powders to enhance your tan! These not only look amazing, they actually work instantly too. I especially love their blushers and the shimmering dry oil. It felt so lovely on your skin and I think will add the perfect sheen to your legs!

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventThe Body Shop 'Seize the summer' event

The other latest and definitely my NEW favourite is their scrummy ‘Virgin Mojito‘ collection! This is the summer fragrance this year I think, it smells fruity, fresh and just delicious! I’d heard so many good things in the blogosphere so when I finally smelt it at the event my instant thought was lime twister lollies! Then a couple of the staff said they thought jelly babies! If you haven’t tried it – you need too! This collection comes in shower gel, scrub, body butter – so as Body Shop say, – It’s Happy Hour for your skin. Can’t say no to that can you?

This new collection also comes in a gift set where you get an actual premium metal cocktail shaker (here)! how great is that?! That’s such a great idea for a present because who doesn’t love a mojito cocktail? Pass one this way!

The body shop 'seize the summer' eventAfter spritzing and sampling all their products as well as some of us having mini makeovers, we took part in a charity lucky dip were we had a basket full of their products and we could pick one mystery prize for £1. I picked up some Vanilla hand cream and some lip balms. Clare, and her fabulous team give us all a luxury goodie bag (above) with our very own milkshake cup filled with their gorgeous products including the new virgin mojito body butter! I love how imaginative they have been for this event. We certainly did seize the summer.

The Body Shop 'Seize the summer' eventAnd here we all are with our goodie bags! Thankyou Body Shop Middlesbrough for a great summer event. Will look forward to popping in soon to grab some of your Virgin Mojito products for my holidays!

Check out their latest products here.

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  1. Stacey Oneil
    23 June 2015 / 3:30 pm

    Love body shop, your photos look amazing nice post Bethany x

  2. Sarah Brown
    23 June 2015 / 10:08 pm

    Love their new Virgin mojito range! Looks like a fab event you went too, wish they did that in my local shop!

  3. nhood19
    26 June 2015 / 11:09 am

    Looks like such a fun event to go to. I love body shop and can’t wait to try some of their new launches.


    • 26 June 2015 / 11:11 am

      It really was! You need to try them 🙂

  4. 29 June 2015 / 12:03 am

    I love the body shop products ! hope you had fun 🙂

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