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Summer Nails in seconds


20140622-181320-65600679.jpgIf you haven’t seen these little nail sets then where have you been hiding?

If i’m being lazy i tend to wear acrylics than paint my nails. So while i’m away i decided to put these cute fruity designs on. There a little different and i wasn’t sure at first if they’d look childish or too silly but i’m actually starting to really love them! Primark have done acrylic nails for as i imagine years and ive had a couple of sets off them over the years too.

However in the past few months ive noticed in store the HUGE range of nails. They have base colours in neon and even matte and even wacky designs such as these, leopard print and even ombre. For £1 your probably thinking they’ll be naff and last two seconds but your wrong!  I guess the glue isn’t the best so i use Elegant Touch brush on nail glue. But the nails last a few days at least. My friends have even lasted her two weeks not sure how but i think these are a must have for summer!

photo 1 photo 2

Soo easy to apply and they come in a range of sizes so if your like me and have tiny nails your sorted! And i like that there not too long either you need to shape or size them.

What do you think?


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