Smells like Summer: Di Palomo

IMG_4658IMG_4660IMG_4655 IMG_4656The postman dropped off this little gem over the weekend. This Orange Blossom Body butter is one product featured in 4 different Italian inspired collections. Di Palomo contacted me a couple of days ago asking if i could review one of their products and i was chuffed to receive this just two days later. Whats even better is each product is made entirely in the UK, that i think in itself is unique in a company. This means that all their products are made with high manufacturing standards with great prices.

First impressions i love the pretty simplistic packing. Not too much writing and focusing on the creative orange flowers and olives. Inside i found a little note from Di Palomo showing other products in the ‘Orange Blossom’ range such as their eau de parfum, body wash and hand cream. The tub itself underneath is glass which i found was a really nice idea. I have a couple of different body butters but not one was glass they tend to be plastic. The quality of the product reflects the price.

So your probably wondering what it smells like? Well soon as i opened the tub the aromas of Jasmine and honey almost hit immediately. I couldn’t believe how many different ingredients are present in the fragrance. Whats great about this product is the smell stays on your skin for hours. I can still smell geranium, honey and especially jasmine all day long. The body butter applies really well to the skin and soaks in very easily. Its non sticky too which is always a plus when you put clothes on just after.

Its only been a couple of days and i really like this product, once it’s emptied i will probably purchase another tub.

Check out their website and the rest of the Orange Blossom collection if you haven’t already!

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