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I feel like i haven’t blogged in what seems a while! Its been crazy since ive came back home from Ibiza but my readers know me, i always manage to fit a little bit of shopping here and there. Well a couple of days ago i went shopping with the mother and heres what i picked up to add to my makeup bag (Primark £3) !


I love Elizabeth Arden makeup! I found this assortment in a red box in Tjhughes of all places. The ‘Red Door’ collection i knew would be great as i have the fragrance. This gift set was only £16 – not sure what it retails at but for two lipsticks, two eye pencils, mascara, lip gloss and eye and blush palette that seems reasonably good right? The mascara is a lot better than i thought it was going to be, it added a lot of volume and length considering its only a travel size product. And the two lipsticks are quite a nude/pink color which is all year round. (colors below)

IMG_5674 copy

From Top to bottom we have Starlight (Elizabeth Arden Lipstick) In love with Ginger (Rimmel Lipstick) Golden Pink (Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss) Beauty (Elizabeth Arden Lipstick).

My favorites have to be In love with ginger and Beauty, the two colors are quite vibrant and have a very matte finish. The Rimmel lipstick (£4.99) is a red/orange colour and it has a lasting finish, i wore it for a night out and i only had to top it up a couple of times – bonus!


My love for Benefit is never ending! I have to try every new product they bring out, they’re real push up liner (£18.50) i have featured on another post before Ibiza but its still pretty new and i just wanting to make another opportunity to tell you all how much i love it. I have always had a nightmare on making the perfect cat eyes or winged liner i usually get one perfect and one totally horrible, there was never a boundary. But this product i found it so easy to use, you can have the liner as thick or thin as you want it and to make the winged liner is so much easier with the pointy tip.

As i have both They’re Real mascara and Liner it only seemed fitting to try the remover! (£14.50) I’ve used it twice and its amazing how quick it clears your eyes. Just a couple of little squeezes on a cotton bud, wipe and its done! Its delicate on the eyes too so no stinging or sore eyes after using normal makeup remover.

And finally the Watts up! (£24.50) Ah i love this product since ive used it from the Bronze set i got in June, so i had to buy the full size version. I’m yet to try this as i’m using up my travel size first but i know it’ll be great to use with the little buffer on the opposite end.




    • 1 August 2014 / 7:49 pm

      I think it is too! The lipsticks are really nice 🙂

  1. 2 August 2014 / 1:15 am

    Lovely mini reviews. I would just suggest maybe toning your photos adjusting things like curves or levels will help make those photos really pop. As for the content wonderful. Sadly i’ve never tried any of those products but they sure look pretty. I love that swatch of Elizabeth Arden starlight and the one of golden pink. So pretty.

    Check out my blog if you please

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