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Halloween’15 | Doll Zombie

Halloween'15 | Creepy ZombieFor Day 3 Of Halloween Week on Polished Couture I’m showing you all an easy Half face Doll/Zombie Make-up Tutorial!

Halloween'15 | Creepy ZombieSo first thing I did was so my make-up as normal but focusing on one side of the face ie. more blusher and mascara! On the other side I used eye shadow to make a couple of bruises around the face. Then with liquid latex and tissue, build a layer of false skin and use your foundation to blend it in.

Halloween'15 | Creepy Zombie I cut away a little to make a hole and applied a lot of fake blood. The wound can be wherever you like!With a black eyeliner, I drew a crack going down one side of the face!

Halloween'15 | Creepy ZombieTo finish off this simple look I applied a contact lenses on the Zombie side. Topshop kindly give me this blood choker necklace! Its made from latex and I think whether your going scary or not, its the perfect accessory for Halloween!

Halloween'15 | Creepy Zombie

There you have it! Day 3 of Halloween Week on Polished Couture. Make sure you check back tomorrow and all week for a range of posts.

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