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All About the BrowsAll About the BrowsIt’s All About the Brows.. these days. Were surrounded by our favourite brands bringing out numerous brow kits, brow pencils and brushes and well it gets to the point where were really unsure what works best and what to even try? Myself, I have to admit they’ll be days I wont even touch my eyebrows or they’ll be other days I’ll shape and tint them to perfection.

So I have rounded up 5 products under £10 that I think are worth the investment and are quick little tools to apply with! All About the Brows MAX FACTORI know what your thinking… Why has she included a mascara in this?! Well from trying quite a few high-end and drugstore products I found that using a brown mascara actually works great on your brows!

The Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in black brown is a waterproof mascara so not only does it tint the brows, the waterproof formula also sets them. I know this is a medium to dark brown so I wouldn’t recommend this on fair brows only on medium to dark brows. And you have to apply the mascara really gently so it only strokes along your eyebrow hairs and not your skin!
All About the Brows BARRY MThis is actually the first brow kit I ever bought I think! The Barry M Shape and Define Brow Kit features a medium brown wax, dark brown powder, arch highlight powder, double ended applicator and tweezers (not in photo). I’ve had this product a long while now and misplaced the tweezers however I thought they didn’t really do much anyway. I used the wax first with the slanted brush and then blended the dark powder. I don’t really use the highlighter. The wax even on its own does the job and it’s definitely a kit I’d re-buy. All About the Brows COLLECTIONI reckon probably my favourite out of all these is this Collection Eyebrow Kit. The clear brow mascara works great for setting the brows before or after the powder is applied. It features three powders that aim to be for everyone’s shade, I use the middle medium brown one and for best results I apply the mascara first then this! The only downfall is the clear mascara ends up going a foundation colour like mine is, but it still sets the brows perfectly! All About the Brows MAKUP REVOLUTIONThe Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Shaping Kit also features a wax formula and three powder shades. Very similar to the Barry M one, it also comes with tweezers and slanted brush applicator. the white wax/gel sets and shapes the brows, then I add the bottom left brown powder. I’ve never used the other two shades, I’m sure their for fairer people.

All About the Brows AVONAnd finally the Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit is another wax and powder formula with a double ended slanted brush applicator. Again, I use the wax/gel first then the powder to shape and tint the brow. I think out of all of them this is definitely one to carry ‘on the go’ it’s small and compact and does exactly what it needs to do!

Are any of these products you use?

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  1. Jenni
    12 March 2015 / 3:23 pm

    Never thought of using brown mascara but that’s such a good idea! definitely have to try out that technique. Great products :-)xoxox

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