10 Problems Short Girl’s Can Relate To!

When your 5ft exactly and been named every ‘small’ nickname ever, you experience things different to taller people. Over the years I’ve found a few things that have been problems and awkward moments. So I’ve rounded up 10 things that short gals like me will laugh and relate too – basically on a daily basis!

1. Jean shopping is just a total nightmare. You have to master cuffing your jeans up on a daily basis, and lets face it no matter how many times you fold them, they just don’t look right! Skinny jeans fit better on our little ankles but ripped jeans can also be a task! The split is meant to be on the knee right? For short gals it’s usually half way down the leg…

2. Trying to make the bartender see you! No matter how high your heels are, it can be such an effort for the bartender to notice you from the waves of tall people. I’m usually one of the last out of my friends to get served… I’ve even asked them to go for me instead to speed the process!

3. When you’re in the swimming pool or sea.. Theres only so far you can go before your to the neck in water while your friends, it’s probably to their waists!

4. Going to concerts or in a queue – you cannot see a thing behind anyone taller.

5. Your always in the front of photos – ”Your small you go the front”. So your face planting the camera while the rest look  further away – tall and slim.


6. Your always the last one walking behind your friends. “Wait for me I’ve only got little legs”. Another thing, you usually have to wear higher heels than them to look ‘taller’ so even that makes you walk even slower.

7. Getting made fun of at theme parks because you only just meet the height requirements. You sure your tall enough for this ride? Go check…

8. Dresscode is such an effort. It’s practically a NO go to maxi dresses, jumpsuits and long coats. They just drown us and make us look even smaller… If that’s possible!

9. 10 year old’s are usually taller than you. You kinda feel awkward being near younger people who are WAY taller than you.

10. You mentally prepare yourself for stepping on barstools and any large piece of furniture! You try to get on there, like it was no problem at all (it’s not elegant).

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Can you relate to any of these?!

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