MAC Toledo Collection

MAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMAC Toledo CollectionMac Cosmetics has been one of them brands that have grown on me recently! I’m not one of them for reaching out to their products every time they release something new but, the Toledo Collection really stood out to me. I had seen a couple of reviews of the collection online, and after missing out on the Cinderella Collection earlier this month, I thought I’d give two products a try.

The Blush Ombre whirled me around straight away, it comes in three shades and I picked Ripe Beach. It looked so gorgeous with the peachy and pink tones! I thought it seemed the most sun-kissed out of the three. My first thoughts were it could be a golden highlighter then a blush. When experimenting I used the peachy orange as a highlighter on the forehead and under my eyes, and the pink as a blush. Even gliding the brush over the ombre shades, it still gave a subtle golden glow to the cheeks!

The Modern Twist Lash Mascara in Vynil is probably the best purchase I’ve bought this year so far! The wave shaped brush allowed each lash to be curled and separated. After one coat, my lashes looked amazingly longer, thicker and not clumpy what so ever! I like Mac mascara’s but this was just incredible for me. I’ve practically used it every day since arriving.

I really love the black and red design of Isabel and Ruben’s illustrations of the faces. It’s tempted me to buy more of the one-of-a-kind collection.

Did you buy any of their collection?

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8 thoughts on “MAC Toledo Collection

  1. MAC packaging is what gets me every time and your pictures definitely make the packaging look even more enticing! lol With the mascara, do you find that it holds curl? (Sorry that is my biggest issue with mascars because of my stubborn Asian lashes!)


  2. I wish I had picked up Ripe Peach. I might pop in MAC and see if they have any left, it’s fate if they do!xx

    Anoushka xx


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