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Tkmaxx Haul

Tkmaxx Haul Hey lovelies! So last week I popped into my local Tkmaxx and found these hidden gems tucked away in the shelves! For me, Tkmaxx can be hit and miss, I can go in and find nothing then another time like this I find lots of bargains and splurge my money!

If you noticed, two products I have featured on my other post were the two Too Faced products (they were that good I just had to review them).

So here’s my full HAUL on what I picked up!!

IMG_9443Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs £2 (RRP: £7.99) Is an instant tanning spray that gives you a natural bronzed look! I spotted this in the clearance section reduced to £2 because it had been used once. I haven’t tried it but I use their 1 hour tan (see review here) quite frequently so I know it won’t disappoint!

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze £4.99 (RRP:£6.99) Is a wash off self tan with added shimmer for face and body! I actually wore this at the weekend for Bank Holiday and it was a lovely natural glowing tan! It looked like I’d just come home from holiday. It blended in very well but you could see white patches on my skin where the rain caught me – so I’d have to make sure the weathers okay for when I wear it again.

Too Faced Royal Oil £6.99 (RRP:£25) Is another instant self tan but this is a lot more nourishing and shimmering than the other two products. I only needed a little bit on my hands to blend in on my legs, it felt more like a moisturizer but dried and absorbed into my skin really quickly! It smelt so nice too with the mangosteen fruit and coconut oil – so protects your skin too as well as looking beautifully bronzed.


I was soo excited to spot some Nip + Fab products. I’ve always been intrigued to try them. They had lots of different products but I picked up a body scrub and a 3 product set.

Nip + Fab Circulation Fix Body Scrub £3.99 (RRP: £9.95) is THE scrub to use after post workout. I did my research after buying this and it says it wakes up and jump starts the body to polish skin with their brightening and invigorating ingredients. The body scrub tingled your skin and has such a refreshing scent. ‘instant post-gym energy fix like an espresso shot for the skin’.

Nip + Fab De-Stress Unwind Set £4.99 (RRP:£10) features 3 relaxing and wind-down products in a gorgeous holiday scent! Sandalwood, orange blossom is a calming fragrance that smelt lovely on the skin! You get 100ml body wash, body lotion and body scrub. So far I love the body scrub, the little beads feel so nice across your skin and left my skin feeling so smooth.


Too Faced Color Bomb Lip Tints £5.99 (RRP:£15) were already featured on my last post as I just couldn’t believe my eyes finding them in Tkmaxx, if you want to know more about these tingling lip stains click here!

Lord & Berry ‘Mink’ Eye Shadow/Eye liner £5.99 (RRP:£11.99) is another product I was excited to find in Tkmaxx. I see so many bloggers raving about their lip and eye pencils so after digging through the colours I found this dark chocolate ‘mink’ brown. I’m yet to use this but with me having hazel eyes I think it will be a good liner and brighten them up!IMG_9447

So what do you think of my bargain finds?!

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14 thoughts on “Tkmaxx Haul

  1. I love finding amazing bargains in tk maxx! It can be a bit hit and miss as you say but when you find loads of good stuff like this it’s the best place ever!

    Amy x


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