MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow

MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadowI had my eyes peeled for the release of Le Disko collection by MAC Cosmetics. This range has the stunning balance of glitter and glamour in their iconic matte black packaging. Their DazzleShadows (£16 each) converge an elegant sparkle to your eyes. The glitter inside each pot truly says night-out sparkle if you ask me! This collection came out on my birthday last week, and by the looks of it – most of it is sold out already! I was so tempted to get a few shades but this particular shadow stood out for me straight away.

This eyeshadow is my third piece from MAC and I have to say it’s my favourite so far. The DazzelShadows come in 12 shades but I just had to pick up ‘Boom Boom Room’. This particular shade is noted as a light burgundy with emerald sparkles. However in person, it has pink and blue hue tones to it. As always, I’m really impressed by the true pigments this eyeshadow offers. You can lightly dust this shadow for reflective shine or if you slightly dampen your brush, you can add a much darker twinkling sheen to your eyes.

Trust me, this is eye-popping. I think this eyeshadow is so pretty as a liner too which I’ve done above. But personally, for a gorgeous effect I’d use this as more of a over-coat eyeshadow – as the finish touch glitz. I just kind of wish the packaging was a little bigger – It’s smaller than my other solo eye shadows so this will be by go-to special occasion wear. You can shop the collection here.

Did you pick up anything from the Le Disko collection?

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18 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics DazzleShadow

  1. That’s a nice shade. Is it the type of shade that changes color when you move?

    I also have a blog but it’s more about Korean beauty products. It’s


    1. Haha good question! If you dampen your brush and apply it, I’ve found it all stays in place. If you only dust it on your eyes the sparkles do tend to go on my lashes a little but it looks pretty! Hope that helps 🙂

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