Summer Essentials | Guest Post

Today I’ve got another Summer Essentials post today from the gorgeous Lucy at Just Lucy’s Life! If these don’t get you excited for summer I dunno what will. Please check her blog out for lots more wonderful posts.

Summer essentials | Guest PostHello! As this is a guest post I thought I’d let you all know a little bit about me first. My name’s Lucy, I’m 19, I have (sometimes annoyingly) long, blonde hair and I love rainy days, tea and biscuits and Netflix. I also love blogging and write mostly about beauty and my life on my blog, with the odd fashion or tag post thrown in there.

Although Summer isn’t over yet, as I work in a boutique, I’ve noticed that people are already starting to think about their autumn wardrobe now, so I decided to share some of the products I’ve found to be essentials (so far) this Summer.

Summer essentials | Guest Post

First of all there’s this little gem. Last month I got this lovely smelling perfume in the Selfridges sale for just £20! And I’ve decided that it was £20 well spent. I don’t normally like floral scents in my perfumes but I think this limited edition Marc Jacobs perfume has a slightly sweeter smell which I love.

Summer essentials | Guest Post

Next up, this is something that I’ve been using for a while but it’s the ‘Replenishing’ moisturiser from Simple. I’ve found this helpful for those no make up days out in the sun to prevent my face getting too dry or peeling when I’ve caught the sun a little too much.Summer essentials | Guest Post

I got this Hollister spray on the same day as the Marc Jacobs perfume (I was shopping in Manchester). For one, I absolutely love Hollister sprays as it is as they’re pretty cheap considering how long they last (£12). I fell in love with ‘Lunada Bay’ for it’s fresh and fruity scent and I’ve used it pretty much every day since I got it!

Summer essentials | Guest Post

I got this nail varnish as a birthday present in May and I already loved the colour but I also found that it was great for it’s matte effect, and for how fast it dries as I always end up getting impatient and smudging my nail varnish before it’s dried, oops!

Summer essentials | Guest Post

Benefit‘ ‘Lolli Balm’ is another thing that I’ve been using for quite a while but I think it’s the perfect summer product. It keeps my lips nice and soft and I love the soft pink colour.

Summer essentials | Guest Post

If you have fair skin and find it hard to get a tan, like me, then this is perfect for you! This is a smaller version of St.Tropez‘s gradual tan body lotion and is made specifically for your face which means it’s designed to give you a more natural look, yay!

Summer essentials | Guest Post

And last but not least, my lifesavers! I’m still baffled at how good quality these sunglasses are seen as I got them for free in a Cosmo mag! I love aviator style sunglasses as I think they suit my face shape the best and I wear them pretty much everyday on my walk to and from work. It also doesn’t have to be that sunny for me to wear them, they’re great for first thing on a morning when you’re still half asleep and the clouds are just too bright for your liking.

I’ve really enjoyed writing my first guest post and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. If you want to see more from me then you can follow me over on or you can find me on my social media pages:

Hope to see you soon! Lucy x



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    I thought finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

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