Halloween Makeup Picks

Halloween Makeup Picks

With Halloween just around the corner, the ultimate question is what are you going as? So the next question is what makeup do you need? I've picked my favourite makeup pieces that will suit most Halloween looks... Depending what look you're going for whether its gory and scary or fairytale and feminine its important to… Continue reading Halloween Makeup Picks

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Halloween 16 | Zombie

Halloween is just two days away! This week I’ll be featuring a couple of easy tutorials to get you in the spooky spirit and today is a Zombie makeup look! For this one being a lot more detail, I thought I'd do a step by step guide. Out of all my halloween makeup looks this is… Continue reading Halloween 16 | Zombie

Halloween 16 | Cracked Doll
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Halloween 16 | Cracked Doll

Halloween is just around the corner! This week I'll be featuring a couple of easy tutorials to get you in the spooky spirit and today is a Cracked Doll makeup look!  For my first tutorial I thought I'd start with a super easy one. I did a similar one two year ago (here) if you… Continue reading Halloween 16 | Cracked Doll

Halloween Dead Bride| OOTD
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Halloween Dead Bride | OOTD

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would share with you all what I wore for Halloween last night! I've gone for a Undead Bride for Halloween. Or Zombie Bride or Jilted Bride.. Whatever works haha. It's definitely my favourite time of the year as you can probably tell with my themed posts the last couple… Continue reading Halloween Dead Bride | OOTD

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Halloween’15 | Black Swan

To finish Halloween Week off with a bang: I've teamed up with Smiffys by creating a look of my choice from their spookly amazing Fancy Dress Costumes! So as you've probably gathered, I've picked the Black Swan as a Halloween inspired OOTD. Not gonna lie, wearing a sparkly tutu and doing the Black Swan makeup was… Continue reading Halloween’15 | Black Swan

Halloween'15 |Outfit Ideas

Halloween’15 | Outfit Ideas

If you're wanting to go a little more fancy for Halloween this year or going somewhere extra special for it such as a ball - I have the perfect outfits. I've teamed up with Psyche and created a couple of looks you could go as from their designer collection! Look sultry and sexy as Cat… Continue reading Halloween’15 | Outfit Ideas

Halloween'15 | Creepy Zombie
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Halloween’15 | Doll Zombie

For Day 3 Of Halloween Week on Polished Couture I'm showing you all an easy Half face Doll/Zombie Make-up Tutorial! So first thing I did was so my make-up as normal but focusing on one side of the face ie. more blusher and mascara! On the other side I used eye shadow to make a… Continue reading Halloween’15 | Doll Zombie

Halloween'15 | Makeup Ideas
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Halloween’15 | Makeup Ideas

Whether your going as a Sexy Vamp, Cute Cat or a Scary Zombie, I've rounded up a few Halloween Inspired Make-up and accessories so you can celebrate Halloween in style! I love wearing false nails, but especially this time of year us gals love being creative with our nails to match our costumes or just… Continue reading Halloween’15 | Makeup Ideas