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Halloween’15 | Black Swan

Halloween'15 | Black SwanTo finish Halloween Week off with a bang: I’ve teamed up with SmiffysΒ by creating a look of my choice from their spookly amazing Fancy Dress Costumes! So as you’ve probably gathered, I’ve picked the Black Swan as a Halloween inspired OOTD.

Halloween'15 | Black SwanNot gonna lie, wearing a sparkly tutu and doing the Black Swan makeup was a treat! I’ve always loved the look of the Black Swan costume and when Smiffys contacted me and asked if I’d like to colab – I jumped at the chance! For at least 5 years now I always go out the way to dress up for Halloween. And with no surprise most if not all my costumes have been from Smiffys. They stock thousands of costumes as well as all the accessories you can think of so your imagination and creative can see no end.

Halloween'15 | Black Swan

When they asked me to pick a costume it took forever to decide as I explained I’d do the makeup for it too. This particularly costume stood out. I’ve always had an inner ballerina in me and the gothic look of it is just flawless. Most people just buy a mask but I decided to copy the make-up from the film.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought! The use of eyeliner, black and white face paint and a range of eyeshadows. To finish the look I went for the typical Ballerina bun and white contact lenses!

Halloween'15 | Black SwanThe costume comes with feathers and a huge sparkly tutu! It has so many under-layers unlike other costumes – you normally have to buy a tutu to make it puff out.

As you can see in the photos – its perfect. Its stretchy material too as buying online you never know what size you are especially with some costumes. I mean this costume looks exactly like it does in the photos but personally it looks even better in person!

Halloween'15 | Black SwanSmiffys also stock a great range for Men, Women, Couples and children. If you’ve already got your Halloween costumes they do a wide range of miscellaneous costumes such as a Hen do, 60s Night and the next HUGE event: Christmas!

Halloween'15 | Black SwanI apologise for the weird ballerina poses – I definitely got into too much! Thanks Smiffys for giving me this outfit, its been great to work with. Also, I hope you all have enjoyed this weeks Halloween posts. I’d love to know which one you liked the best.

Smiffys Gothic Swan Masquerade Costume. (Β£36.99)

What do you think of this Halloween inspired OOTD?

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