Nars | Highlighting Blush

Nars | Highlighting Blush

I’ve added another blush to my Nars collection but this time it features a radiant glow and I got it for less than half price too!
Nars | Highlighting Blush Nars | Highlighting Blush

So a couple of weeks ago I happened to stumble upon this beauty in my local TkMaxx. They feature Nars from time to time at such good prices but it’s normally quite odd and out there shades that usual seem old stock to me. When I opened this up I was quite surprised by how pretty the blush was! It was so sparkly and for £12 I couldn’t say no.

After loving Super Orgasm (here) and how pigmented it was, I was intrigued to see how a highlighting blush would match up. I picked up the shade ‘New Order‘ and I’d say it’s a really light pinky-lilac. Once applied it acts as a sparkly glitter rather than a sheen. It’s very similar to my Urban Decay Illuminated (here).

Nars | Highlighting BlushNars | Highlighting Blush

I guess its more of a top coat for an extra shimmer rather than a blush but I quite like it! You can make it as subtle as you’d like it! I think its the type of product that you can team it up with any blush or even another highlighter. As you can see, it does have a slight pink tone to it but that’s only after a few swipes. The more you apply, the more a light blush will appear.

For the winter months when we want to add a bit of sparkle for our festive looks this will be perfect!

Nars | Highlighting BlushNars | Highlighting Blush

So far, I really like this blush! I’m so pleased I picked this up, you can find some great hidden gems in TkMaxx. I love the mixture of the blush and highlight in this.

Have you tried any of the highlighting blushes?

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23 thoughts on “Nars | Highlighting Blush”

  1. I had to Love this post, your pictures are so pretty as usual! I keep seeing so many people buying absolute STEALS form TKMAXX…am I missing something?! There’s never anything there when I go in, maybe you all beat me to it haha. Great post xoxo


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