Bondi Sands Self Tan Collection

Bondi Sands Self Tan Collection

Achieving that sunkissed glow all year round just got easier with Bondi Sands 1 hour Express tan! So today I thought I’d share the love of my favourite tanning brand and what each product does…

Bondi Sands Self Tan Collection

I’ve worn self tan for about 8 or 9 years now so its fair to say I’ve tried a handful of brands and products over the years. You or my readers may have noticed I’ve mentioned this brand before on the blog and its appeared in a couple of my favourite posts as a product I’m currently loving.

Well, I got introduced to Bondi Sands a good year or two ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve only tried their Self Tanning Lotion and Eraser but the lovely team behind the brand sent over the rest of the collection to try – so lets see how I got on, especially with their new 1 hour tan!

Bondi Sands Self Tan CollectionBondi Sands Self Tan Collection

Gradual Tanning Milk | Face Moisturiser £11.99

Ever wanted a moisturiser that has a delicate dose of everyday tan? This super soft cream applies like a general moisturiser enriched with Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter that adds a natural glow to your skin. Within a couple of days I’ve noticed my complexion has a slight hint of tan – like you would see on holiday after a couple of days. This is great to wear on your own for a natural look or on top of self tan to keep your skin nourished and smooth.

Gradual Tanning Foam | Body Moisturiser £12.99

If you want something that’s more of a natural look then you’ll prefer this from the collection. I’ve used gradual tan in the past and the worry with it not being instant, is missing parts of your skin or waking up to streaks. This tanning foam smells gorgeous with the cocoa butter scent and dries pretty quickly. The texture is smooth thanks to the Aloe Vera so I don’t see why you couldn’t use this even on holiday to boost your natural colour. I applied this, went to bed and woke up about 1-2 shades darker. I couldn’t see anywhere I missed, it left a nice even coverage and you could just walk out the house without showering – it was very natural looking. Of course the more often you use this the more you can build on your colour!

Self Tan Eraser £14.99

This has got to be the best invention ever when it comes to self tan! For years I’ve hated having to exfoliate and scrub my skin to get stubborn tan off but not anymore. I’d bought this before the team sent me one and I loved it. I’d just finished the bottle when I got this so perfect timing! This does remove other tanning brands but not as good as Bondi Sands products. You simply rub this into your skin and shower. I use a sponge for stubborn areas such as knees, elbows and hands. I use this in between applications and my skin has never looked streaky or patchy since.

Self Tanning Foam | 1 Hour Express £18.99

This is definitely the most exciting product out of the collection! The new 1 hour tan builds in just an hour so you can wash it off and do your thing! Normally I’d put tan on and let it develop overnight so I was intrigued to see how this worked. When I’ve used products like this in the past I’ve got a shower and the tans just faded meaning you have to start over – luckily this isn’t the case! The instant tan starts as a medium-dark shade and within about half an hour I could see I’d gone a shade darker. I was nervous to wash this off after an hour so I waited two just in case. When showering it seemed like a lot had just washed away but I was left with a nice medium coverage. It still seemed to develop slightly by the morning but you we’re good to go! This is perfect if you’re in a rush before a night out and will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi beach.

Self Tanning Lotion | Dark £14.99

This my current go-to self tan product! This long-lasting self tan leaves your skin super soft and smooth with the Aloe Vera and coconut but I just love how easy this applies and how quick it dries for a natural looking tan. The shade dark might seem scary but I always use this and wash off on the morning for a medium olive complexion, plus this lasts a good few days with the darker shade. I’ve tried foam and sprays but the lotion always seems to soak in easier so you know you haven’t missed anywhere – its like tanning and moisturising all in one.

If your time conscious try 1 hour express, if you want any everyday natural glow try the tanning foam but if you just want a sun-kissed tan that will last a few days I’d say the tanning lotion. Bondi Sands have it all – If you’ve never tried their products, what are you waiting for? Get that Australian Tan in minutes!

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I received these products to review. My opinions are 100% my own! 



  1. Hollie
    13 March 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Great review! I’ll have to try that 1 hour tan, sounds great for busy people x

    • polishedcouture
      22 April 2018 / 4:56 pm

      Thanks hollie! It’s perfect x

  2. Nicola
    13 March 2018 / 11:16 pm

    Fantastic review defo going to be using the dark self tanning lotion for my danve comp at the end of the month xx

    • polishedcouture
      22 April 2018 / 4:56 pm

      Thanks Nicola I hope you love it as much as I do! xx

  3. 14 March 2018 / 12:06 am

    Loved this post Beth! Bondi Sands is my fave and I love the 1 hour tan too. You’re right, it’s so handy to put on for a couple of hours before a night out! I need to try the eraser next x

    • polishedcouture
      22 April 2018 / 6:46 pm

      Aww thanks Lucy! I know it really is a lifesaver. That’s definitely worth trying 🙂 x

  4. Melissa
    15 March 2018 / 11:35 am

    I’ve never tried this brand but I feel like I need to now, missing out big time!!!

    • polishedcouture
      22 April 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Oh you definitely are!

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