Benefit Advent Calendar – Week 3

So it’s the last week of the Candy Coated Countdown Calendar already! Again, I’ve had mixed feelings this week but overall it’s probably the best week I’d say! I was kinda disappointed with day 24, I was expecting something WOW for the last day!

benefit advent calendar

Day 16: ‘Highlight of the Holidays’ is another mini highlighter! For a small product I think this will last me quite a bit! I love wearing highlighter on the cheeks and forehead.

benefit advent calendar

Day 17: ‘Sexy Scribbles’ is a small doodle pad. I don’t think I’d’ ever use this if I’m being honest, it’s a tiny little pad but I¬†guess its cute if I do need to quickly write something down!

benefit advent calendar

Day 18: ‘Primed for perk up!’ I actually love this primer, I always get the mini version of this and it last quite a while! It’s a gorgeous pinky primer and just works great before or after foundation to set the face.

benefit advent calendar

Day 19: ‘The One on’ again another hair tie. It isn’t too bad in person but on photos it looks like a rag, it’s not too bad but definitely not what I’d expect in this calendar.

benefit advent calendar

Day 20: ‘The next big thing!’ another lip-gloss! If I’m being honest these aren’t the best lip-glosses so to see another one, I thought it was the same but it’s actually a different colour. I would have rather of had something else.

benefit advent calendar

Day 21: ‘Turn on “watt” you got!’ I actually love this bronzed highlighter! I loved the mini through the summer so much I bought the full size. No matter what skin color I think it just looks lovely on – I was happy to get this!!


Day 22: ‘Big BADrageous lashes’ this is another great product from Benefit, its a really sleek mascara with a big brush to get big lashes! I’ve always had the mini version of this and it does last quite a while.


Day 23: ‘Turn up the heat with a mango flush!’ I’ve never tried this product so I’m excited to try it. If its like the posie tint I think I’d like it – just wish it was a bigger product!

benefit advent calendarDay 24: ‘Hydrating crease-control concealer’ although this is a good product, I was expecting MORE for the last day. Maybe a full size product? But a concealer? I think if they had done a mini foundation that would have been better.

None of the less – this week has been by far the best so I think it has got ‘sweeter’ as the day goes on. I’ve also done a roundup post so you can see all the products I’ve received. What do you think of this Benefit Calendar?




Let me know your thoughts!

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