Natural Dark Eyes

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  • RIMMEL scandaleyes mascara: £6
  • RIMMEL Extra WOW mascara: £3.99
  • TJHUGHES Blending Brush: 99p
  • RIMMEL Kohl Pencil: £2.99
  • COLLECTION 200 Felt Pen: £3.99

To make suttle natural eye makeup. You need to use a blending brush to brush on any dark eye shadow. A chocolate brown or dark grey always works best and just brush the eye shadow mostly in the right hand side of the eye, where the lashes finish. You need to have this as the darkest point and from there blend the eye shadow outwards so the corner of your eye only has a light amount. Allow the eye shadow to sit just on your eyelid and not above.

Next use a thick brush mascara, i would recommend Scandaleyes mascara, this brush gives long volume and lets you create thick long lashes especially at the side. For the felt tip eyeliner this is optional. I use this on the tip of the eye to give the illusion of extra lashes. For the white liner you can use it on the side (like i have done) or you can also use for a fine line across the eye, this works bests for blue eyes.

And finally to fill the lower lashes, use a small mascara so you can get right along the lashes without the brush poking you in the eye.. yes it happens, i recommend Rimmels Extra WOW mascara. 

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Earring: by groove and stitch.



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