A/W trends I’m currently loving

awThis really is my favourite time of year. Changing my summer wardrobe over and digging out those dark berry products, even the dark nights and cold air excites me. I know sad it sounds but its true. I’ve got University to look forward to then Halloween and then Christmas will around the corner. So today I’m showing you all A/W 15 Trends I’m currently loving! I’m feeling this year I’ll be wearing a lot of tan, fur and burgundy. I’m sure you gals will love all these too.

Lovenly Lace
A/W Trends I'm currently loving

From the back-end of summer I’ve loved seeing the lace up style introduced. But it looks like it’s not disappearing anytime soon and I’ve noticed lately their introducing this trend for A/W with black and tanned boots. The bottom left boots I bought the other day and I swear they are just beautiful in person. I think this style of shoe is called ‘Ghillie‘. Whether you like flats or heels this style is for everyone! I’ve picked Nude, Black and Tan shoes above that will be a hit this season.

Left – Right

Tan Lace Heels £33 | Black Lace Flats £40 | Nude Lace Heels £100 | Tan Lace Boots £68 | Black Lace Boots £35 | Nude Lace Flats £26

Bold MovesA/W Trands Im Loving

When I’ve been looking in shops lately, I’ve noticed vivid graphic patterns are back but for A/W in dark and warm tones such as burgundy, dark orange and browns. Here I’ve picked some I’ve noticed whether you just want a bold print top or go all out and get a statement dress!

Left – Right

Striped Midi Dress £65 | Bold Halterneck Top £32 | Swirl Rollneck Top £20 | Lace and Fringe Dress £65 | Zig-Zag Dress £20 | Diamond Print Skirt £15

Fun Fluffy Fur

A/W Trends I'm currently lovingI love this time of year for faux fur and fluffiness. This year aside from fluffy gilets, they’ve also introduced again fluffy handbags! These are so cute but if you feel that’s too much, you can accessorize your winter bags with fluffy keyrings (above).

Left – Right

Gothic DreamA/W Trends im currently loving

This trend is so popular every winter I think. The more lace the better for me and any colour will do too. I particularly love dark reds and black lace with gorgeous silhouettes and detailing. These 4 dresses are definitely showstopper worthy.

Left – Right

What trend are you excited to wear this Autumn?



  1. Emma Willson
    11 September 2015 / 12:54 pm

    Aww the fluffy bags are so cute!

  2. Jayne Morrison
    12 September 2015 / 7:21 pm

    Great picks! I love the dresses and lace heels x

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