Current Hair and Beauty Favourites

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IMG_2662 copyFirst of all I’ve been trying the new Wake me up foundation by Rimmel. Over the years i have tried every foundation they have brought out and each product i have been happy with. This new foundation didn’t disappoint either, with build in anti fatigue and radiant glow on a morning it does make my face look flawless and effortless. This foundation is perfect for spring skin, the dewy finish gives great coverage and it awakens my dull complexion. To finish off i always use their stay matte powder to smooth in the foundation to leave a soft non greasy finish.

Out of all my products the most i seem to have is mascaras! I try my best to not wear false lashes so lately ive been digging a little deeper in the pocket to find the best mascara that gives the full volume effect. So two mascara i am loving lately with two very different price tags is the Yves saint Laurent mascara volume effet faux cils, also known as the ‘Shocking’ false lash effect mascara in deep black (1). I purchased this from Debenhams a few weeks ago now i simply cannot stop wearing it. This price is around £25 in most shops and it really does give extreme volume. According to Debenhams its the UK’s No.1 Luxury black mascara, and i definitely stand by this. With just a couple of strokes on the lashes with the helix cut brush adds maximum volume and length. Another favorite mascara that i was shocked about is the Collection 2000 Little Mix full on mascara (jades Black). The brush is almost identical to the benefit they’re real mascara and the more i use this mascara the more it gets me thinking it could be a dupe. It adds the same amount of volume and lash separation with just a couple of pounds in price.

I’m a sucker for lipsticks lip glosses lip balms, pardon the pun. Just after Christmas i decided to buy the Balmi Raspberry lip balm for £4.99 and i thought it seemed a little pricey compared to more obvious choices like Nivea but i really is perfect for on the go lip therapy. Most of the time i use this if i’m being lazy and don’t have time to pick a specific color lip gloss and i love how soft and nourishing it is on the lips. I have seen so many reviews of people comparing it to the now well known Eos lip balm and i would say Balmi is definitely the UK version of it, i am yet to try Eos but even the look of it is similar and i’m sure the quality is the same too.

A girl needs a red lipstick in their life and for me my favorite so far has to be the Yves saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 55 Rouge Anonyme. This also retails for about £25 in most stores and this lipstick  gives a pure color satiny radiance. The lipstick builds an even layer on the lips and once on it lasts all day. The colors are very vibrant and sophisticated look and i cant simply compliment it enough.

Now for me i cannot have enough nail polishes, jut when i think ill stop buying for a while brands bring even more out and i cant refuse them! So firstly i picked up Barry M’s new aquarium range, i didn’t get the full range but i bought the Mediterranean and pacific polish. Out of the two the pacific is my favorite but for only one reason; its blue. Its such an elegant polish that shines no matter what light your in, sometimes its green sometimes blue and it really does resemble the sea. Such a pretty color its perfect for the summer. a very new product i am loving is the Models Own Speckled egg range. I bought 4 of the new polishes and my favorite has to be the pink one also known as ‘Dove’. The polish goes on effortlessly and you only need one coat to achieve the mini eggs look! Ive had this polish on for just over a week and it is yet to chip! another bonus. This is helped with the Sally Hansen double duty top and base coat. This is my second bottle of this and this polish does exactly what its meant to. It strengthens, adds shine and keeps the nail polish put.

Finally my two hair godsends have to be batiste and Got2B. Whether its through the week or going out i use these to create any look. This new smoothing conditioning mist is applied after ive styled my hair to give extra shine. The spray features Argan oils so my hair smells amazing as well as looking and feeling nourished and soft. This is extremely new to my collection and i have tried every single dry shampoo batiste do and it is part of my everyday routine. But when im going out and i need extra volume the Got2B powder’ful volumizing powder adds boost to the roots, texture and hold. I just shake it where i have backcombed to keep my hair in position all night. Once applied to the hair the powder vanishes and adds texture to my hair instantly.

So thats my current drugstore and luxury Hair and Beauty Favorites.

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    • 3 April 2014 / 3:56 pm

      Oh you should it’s amazing if you haven’t got time to wash your hair it makes it feel fresh! X

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