Floozie Bath Bombs – Review

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If you haven’t heard of Floozie, they are a luxury brand designer that sell clothing and beauty products. Within my parcel from my Debenhams haul, i bought some bath bombs. This gift set was on offer for just £3 for 12 sweetheart bath fizzlers. The Floozie by Frost French set contained 12 individual bath bombs in sweet scents to relax and unwind. For £3 i thought this was a bargain. So after just over a week of using these little treats, i decided to review them!

IMG_3645 copyI wasn’t sure what one to try first, they all have a lovely scent to them but i decided to try out my favorite color first; blue. I cant quite describe the smell, they all have a sweet fruity fragrance. I was expecting each color to have a different smell such as blue; blueberry and pink strawberry but they all smell similar – that is not a bad thing of course.

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Straight away as i dropped the bath bomb into the hot water, it fizzled away and the color spreads instantly as you can see in the photos. I took it out just before it start to dissolve away and the scent increases. The water turned a really pretty aqua blue color and the water actually smelt of the fragrance.

IMG_3648 copy IMG_3649 copyI am really pleased with the bath fizzlers. The yellow and green bath bombs don’t really turn the water any color but the fragrance is still present in the water. As for the pink one, it turns the water a really light coral/peach color. I would recommend these bath fizzlers as 12 for £3 is a really good deal. I tend to be up to £3 per bath bomb so these were a great find, and ill definitely be buying more when ive used the rest of these up!

 Sweet heart bath fizzers gift set

£3 instead of £6 



Have you tried these before? What are your favourite bath bomb products?



Let me know your thoughts!

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