Summer Favourites


So today I thought I would share to you all what i’ve been loving this summer. Here are my summer favourites; i’ve enjoyed using and buying over these hot sunny months. As the cold draws in, we begin to go for the dark colours so these pretty bright products will slowly be finding their way into hiding tucked away till next summer – well some at least!


For lips I have really enjoyed wearing the MAC in ‘flamingo’ such a quirky pinky/peach colour and its so soft on the lips. The E.L.F moisture lipstick in Party Pink  is really similar to Mac and I loved wearing both of these for summer days and nights!

For skin care I have two different products, one spray one lotion and I used these a lot especially on holiday and when i got back. The Soap and glory Girlio body moisturizing mist was great as a quick moisturize on a night when I got back home from holiday, I had come back sunburnt so this soothed my skin and the redness went down in a couple of days and tanned! The other product is the Body Shop special edition blue berry body lotion. The smell as you open the tub is exotic, the smell lasts for ages on the skin and I used this throughout the summer if I was out all day.

My love for this Michael Kors watch is extreme, i’ve done so many posts on it but  have worn this watch all summer with so many outfits, and as its now sold out everywhere (i believe) so I’m so grateful i got it when i did.


I have seen mixed reviews on the Benefit They real push up liner but for me I love using it, I find it a lot easier than liquid liner and I feel like my eyes look the same than before, the struggle of one being thicker than the other.

For perfumes i absolutely love the Pacha ‘diva’ perfume it’s so affordable and it smells almost identical to Lady Million – no exaggeration. I bought this originally from the Ibiza airport last year for just 15 euros for 50ml and I liked it so much I bought another bottle this year. If you’re wanting a nice perfume that’s long-lasting and affordable i really recommend this! The other cute little perfume I used and kept in my bag was the laugh with me Lee Lee by Benefit! Such a cute little travel bottle so it was handy to keep in your everyday or clutch bag, and again a really nice powerful fragrance that’s really floral.

For skin, I have toned down the foundation this summer and used more BB creams to let my skin breathe and be protected, This Rimmel cream was perfect for me, it went on like liquid foundation but it was a lot lighter, my freckles were still visible and the thin layer made me look more natural and sun-kissed. For bronzer, I have loved using this Benefit kit I love packaging and inside you get the they’re real mascara, brush, hoola bronzer, hoola lipgloss and eye shadows. This little kit I used very frequently!

For highlighting the YSL Touch Eclat is one of my favourite for me, I use it for dark circles, highlighting the cheeks, brows and covering pimples and blemishes. It works so well with any foundation or powder.

For my hair, the Batiste cherry dry shampoo is my favourite out of their range, it smells so nice and its a life saver when you don’t have time to do your hair, apply a little and it gives your hair a little umph and volume! The smell is so summery.

And finally a newish buy for me, the Real techniques brushes these are a travel type set, I love the black stand to keep them up and there so easy to place on your dressing table. It includes the crease, shadow, accent, fine liner and brow brush. The first 3 brushes ive been using mainly for my highlight and contour from the Sleek palette.


Are any of these your summer favourites? What are yours?




  1. 3 September 2014 / 8:07 pm

    I want that mac lipstick but I couldn’t find it online… Gorgeous favourites 🙂

    • 4 September 2014 / 2:44 pm

      Oh really I only got it a couple of months ago, thanks lovely!

    • 6 September 2014 / 2:42 pm

      Aw thankyou that’s what I thought glad the photos come across like that haha. Ooh thankyou I’ll head over there now and have a look 🙂 xo

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