Benefit Advent Calendar – Week 2

Hey everyone! I cannot believe were in our second week of December already! Once again I have mixed reviews on the items I received the last week in the Benefit Calendar.

benefit advent calendar

Day 9: ‘Mistletoe here I come!’ I found the Dandelion lip gloss. This is an OK lip gloss, I have used it before in other benefit sets, it doesn’t add much color but it’s very shiny on the lips and smells lovely! benefit advent calendar

Day 10: ’15-hour Makeup Magnet’ This is another product I haven’t used from Benefit before! I was excited to use this but I’m kind of put off by how small it is.. for a primer I think I’d probably only get two uses out of it with it being such a small tube. It seems good on covering spots. benefit advent calendar

Day 11: ‘Sexiest flush you can get from a bottle’ this is also another product ive used before, again it’s OK. You can use it on your cheeks or your lips. I tend to use a little on the cheeks, dab a couple of spot of it and blend it in with a brush. IMG_7341

Day 12: ‘Goodbye dry skin…Hello total moisture’ This is actually quite a decent size sample. Definitely of the largest so far in the calendar so I was happy when I seen this, I haven’t used it yet but I’ve heard it’s a good cream! IMG_7342

Day 13: ‘A POP of petal-pink’ this is such a cute sample, out of all the benefit tints this is my favourite. A great choice on unlucky 13. Like the other tint, it can be used on your cheeks or lips. IMG_7343

Day 14: ‘It’s Up-do you!’ Just what I always wanted.. Urm a bobble?! Not like I haven’t got any anyway… I was really disappointed with this, the bow charm is only plastic and I just think it’s just something you would NOT get in a beauty calendar. IMG_7344

Day 15: ‘Under-eye brightening boost’ I haven’t tried this yet but it seems something I would use as a highlighter. I’ve also heard good reviews about this so I can’t wait to try it.

So that’s week 2 of the Candy Coated Countdown. What are your thoughts? Do you have this calendar?

polished couture

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