Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6222 IMG_6224 My first ever Urban decay product! I’ve always been intrigued by Urban Decay since they launched the Naked eye shadow palettes. I’ve always had my eye on them but never been influenced enough to buy one, I love the colors but the price is a slight turn off for me. However this Revolution Lipstick in ‘manic’ for Β£15 I am really loving so I just had to share with you what I think of it!

My favourite colour lipsticks for me has to be dark reds and purples, so Manic was in-between for me which is perfect. The lipstick features their very own Pigment Infusion systemβ„’ . This delivers amazing colour pigment with a creamy matte shine. For me, the lipstick is slightly shiny but also quite matte – it’s very well setting and is very long lasting, in fact hours! Not many other lipsticks I have can do this.

The design I think is great with the silver curved gunmetal tube means, it’s well seen inside my bags. Most lipsticks tend to be black so in going out bagsΒ it can be a mission to try and find your lipstick! With this, the lights shined on lipstick and I found it straight away – even better right?

With the curved edge, the lipstick I thought glided on very well, and hardly any lipstick comes out of place. The curved edge allows you to color your cupids bow with no difficulty at all. Just one glide does it all.

what do you think of Urban Decay lipsticks?


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