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A good nail polish can compliment any outfit! As we head into the cold brisk weather, our choice in nail polishes side towards dark and sparkly colors. So digging through my vast polish collection I have gathered my top 10 varnishes that I think are perfect for Autumn and Winter to wear with sparkly dresses, Christmas jumpers and thick fluffy coats.

Starting left to right first we have the easiest and quickest polish out the lot; the Sally Hansen Color Quick nail pen in ‘Purple Chrome’. If you haven’t got much time to do your nails or your travelling, this pen is a godsend, the brush strokes on the polish so easily and dries in seconds. The color is very shiny and metallic perfect with a shiny dress!

The Barry M nail paint in ‘Aqua Glitter’ just reminds me of sparkly tinsel. This polish can be used on it’s own as a clear glitter, or as a top coat over any polish!

Next, is a newer polish for me, its the E.L.F polish in ‘Metal Madness’ this is a very deep sparkly purple that is great for outfits through the day and night!

Another Barry M polish is the foil effect in Silver, this for me is a polish I use mainly for my ring fingers. I think it compliments another polish for a pretty nail look for going out.

My favourite color out of the ten is the Avon Nailwear Pro+ in ‘Cherry Jubilee’. It looks dark on the bottle, but on brushed on is a dark fuchsia color – it goes so well with all my dark jumpers.

This Maybelline Express Finish Polish I have had for years and its so pretty on, it’s quite an all year polish for me. Unfortunately I don’t know the color of this but its light metallic purple color stands out with any outfit!

This bargain £1 Gold by Giles (newlook) polish is such a lovely teal color – with no name on the bottle its a dark green/blue i’d say and works so well with the Barry M aqua glitter.

Another Avon Nailwear Pro+ in ‘inky blue’. I couldn’t name it better myself – it is like a ink pen color a very deep blue sea color that works well with the Barry M foil effects so wear with a dark evening dress – very sophisticated!

Another dark red polish is by Sally Hansen in ‘The good Earth’ an unusual name but a much darker red than the Avon polish. This is more a dark burgundy.

And Finally another topcoat is like Christmas lights! The Technic nail varnish is universal, the name ‘carnival’ is very fitting also. Works really well on reds and green polishes for that added sparkle to a Christmas outfit!

What are your favourite colours for A/W?






  1. 24 September 2014 / 4:14 pm

    OMG such pretty colors 😀 You got a good choice ~

  2. 25 September 2014 / 4:18 pm

    I love your nail polish 💅 blogs, and look forward to future ones.

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