My Fall Lip Colors


A lipstick or gloss can be a statement to any outfit, and as we are speedily heading into Autumn I have gathered by top picks for lip wear. I associate autumn colors to dark browns, purples and reds. As the leaves are turning red and brown these eight lip colors both lipsticks and glosses are perfect for day and nightwear!


For gloss and shine I have picked three different lipgloss’s that I have had a while waiting to be used! The Max Factor LipFinity ‘Radiant Rose’ 2 step gloss has the dark Pink gloss then the light shimmer top coat. This two-step gloss is quite sticky but once on, it lasts so long, the color looks a lot lighter on the photo, but adds a dark shade of pink on the lips.

The Yves Saint Laurent Lip stain ’30’ has the shine of a gloss but the stain of a lipstick. This dark purple gloss glides on the lips and dries and looks like a lipstick, it’s a lot more long-lasting than the other glosses and doesn’t rub off as easily either! Great for night outs.

The Seventeen lipgloss I got in a set, this being the darkest out the others I tend to use over lipsticks especially dark purples and reds. I love that its small and compact to the other lipglosses and I tend to take this out with me!


I do love a good lipstick, I love this time of the year and wearing darker colors as I think they set better with my skin color. So let’s start with the darkest first! This Lasting Finish By Kate Rimmel Lipstick in ’04’ looks a very deep berry purple, but on it is a little lighter. You might be thinking it’s like a goth lipstick, it actually isn’t, I love this lipstick as if you apply it lightly to the lips it gives a light purple; if applied more you get a dark purple color that works great with dark outfits. If you add a gloss over the top the look is finished!

My newest lipstick! The Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in ‘manic’ ive already reviewed this lipstick so if you’d like to know more, click here!

Another Rimmel lipstick to the collection is the moisture Renew in 660 ‘In love with Ginger’. This lipstick does exactly what it says, while adding a gorgeous red/orange color to the lips it also adds lots of moisture and leaves the lips feeling so soft even after the lipstick has disappeared. It’s quite a┬áluminous color which is great to add a little color to a dark outfit.

The E.L.F lipsticks are much lighter than the other lipsticks. The dark fuchsia color in ‘Gypsy’ I would say is an all year round lipstick for me but I thought i’d still mention it in this post as I’ll still use it in the Fall. I tend to use this as a base then add the gloss over the top for a pretty dark pink look! And finally the Moisture Lipstick in ‘Runaway Pink’ is a very nude color that is an everyday wear. It’s lovely to wear and like the Rimmel lipstick, adds moisture and care to the lips.

IMG_6524 copy

What color do you like wearing for the Fall?



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