Sleek Showstopper Palette

sleek showstopper palette polished couture sleek showstopper palette polished couture sleek showstopper palette polished couture sleek showstopper palette polished coutureI love a good high pigment palette. I came across this online at Superdrug, immediately the packing drew me in. Especially the big bold letters ‘limited edition’. I knew I had to try this before it was too late. This arrived a couple of weeks ago and I love the mineral eye shadows.

Sleek Showstoppers palette features 12 eye shadows with 5 matte and 7 shimmering shades. It’s definitely a very deep impacting palette. They gathered their previous I-divine palettes and named it ‘showstoppers’. I think this palette works really well with the name, it truly gives you show stopping eyes. Amazing pigmentation and a great array of shimmering colors with a hint of electric mix.

The palette features a mix of neutral, copper and metallic tones. I decided to pick my favourite colors from the palette and swatched them above. From left to right we have ‘Bohemian’ ; ‘Graphite’ ; ‘Bad girl’ ; ‘Sunset’ ; ‘Storm’. They are quite a long lasting shadow too which is great for those showstopping nights out.

  • BohemiaΒ is beautiful matte coral shade which is immensely pigmented. The texture is soΒ smooth and creamy.
  • Graphite is a chocolate brown metallic shade and one of my favorites too. The texture is so soft and intensely pigmented.
  • Bad Girl is another metallic but stunning olive shade with a golden shimmer which reflects in as a beautiful olive golden shade.
  • Sunset is another metallic shade burgundy shade and has an amazing pigmentation.
  • Storm is another matte deep navy blue shade, the most Β pigmented out of the palette and again has a buttery smooth texture.

polished couture


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