Halloween Tutorial | Zombie

Zombie tutorial Polished CoutureHere is how to create a quick and easy and especially effective looking Zombie.

halloween tutorial zombie polished couture

First, apply a dark red lipstick (Makeup Revolution – Rebel With Cause)  under your eyes, and two other places you’d like your wounds to be. Forehead and neck are two of the best areas. Then add lines on your neck like above, these all then need to shaded in using a sponge to create a bruise effect.

halloween tutorial zombie polished couture

Once you’ve done that, apply a little dead-ness to your face. I used my E.L.F 100pc eyeshadow palette and used greys and whites over my cheeks and the contours of the face for a dark look. Of course you could use faint paint instead.

halloween tutorial zombie polished couture

For my first wound, I used the helpful tissue trick. Not sure on this? Check out my tutorial here. I used fake blood and tissue to create a flesh like wound, then I added a little shadow to create a bruised effect using yellows, greens and blues.

halloween tutorial zombie polished couture

For one eye, I decided to go for a bruised eye kind of look. so I used similar shadows and especially greys to give the effect of a beaten eye. I then, using a brush added a little blood for a dramatic effect.

halloween tutorial zombie polished coutureAnd finally for my other eye, I simply poured the fake blood from the corner of my forehead and let it drip down. I highlighted this on my eyebrow to give the effect of a wound.

This is such an easy look than is created in under 10 minutes.


Black Face Paint

White Face Paint

White Powder


Pencil Eyeliner

Dark Eyeshadows

Eye lashes


Brushes and sponges

polished couture



  1. 26 October 2014 / 7:53 pm

    Great halloween tutorials! You are very talented!

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